Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.32.7

I have the -250 model. My hub rebooted and got stuck on the blue light. I only knew there was a problem because most (not all) of my devices went offline. I unplugged it and removed the batteries for 2-3 minutes. It powered up to green and is now on the 32.7 firmware. Everything came back online except for 2 z-wave devices. My first alert smoke/co2, and my sensative gate sensor both go offline 10 minutes after activating.

My hub is the 250 model. The firmware was updated with no issue. I frequently checked it until I discovered that it was updated.
One of my Ecolink Z-wave Plus Door & Window Sensors showed as offline. I rebooted the hub but that did not fix it. I unplugged the hub, took the batteries out, waited several minutes and powered it back up.
That resolved it.

Smart Lighting routines not working…took the update yesterday…also had a couple of lights that were defined in a goodnight routine that didn’t turn off last night, but others in the group did. All are accessible via the app.

One of my hubs updated in one location, the other did not, and the one that updated is a home I’m not in right now and relies exclusively on Smart Lighting. Has anyone tried requesting ST to roll back their evil update? Or, do we have to live with this horrible situation while they decide what they’re doing.

Just popped back in to take a peek.

Why on earth is anyone still using this awful system? Same old issues, same old responses.

When you buy a product, you shouldn’t need to rely on a community forum for continuous advice on how to just make it work again!

Purchased an alternative product at the end of July after being with Samsung for years. Couldn’t be happier. Its a different world.

See the “other hubs” section. It’s an eye opener.

Easy advice for this. Read this thread, and check out the replies (especially over the last few months) from ex-long-term users. Including me.

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I don’t know why this debate has developed this way. It’s obviously hit a nerve.

There are plenty of good and well deserved reviews about Smartthings on the web. But these are consumer forums, aren’t they? I didn’t think they were supporters (as in supporters of a sports team/political party) forums are they?

I believe, as a consumer on a consumer forum, it’s right for me to accurately report an acute episode over a 5 day period and to do so truthfully. Which I have. No system will ever be perfect. And it is only fair that when users look for information about how the platform and it’s support behaves they can see anecdotal evidence. The fact that you or Samsung may not like it doesn’t mean it’s not factual. If you don’t want to see it posted, then that suggests something else…

What triggered my first response to you was that I thought your one-liner “It does. It says Device…” was intended to mean that anyone with a bit of common sense would have read that and concluded it could only mean “ZIgbee Devices”. I felt that was unjustified. You don’t appear to have acknowledged that, so I can only assume that you still believe that’s what I should have deduced from a very generic term. You are entitled to that opinion, of course.

you have a wealth of information available to you in this community” And I’m also aware that before I click on every single cookie acceptance on every web site, the terms and conditions should be read first. Do I? Do you? This is the only consumer forum I could find. You should take a step back and realise that a typical user just wants to get on with life rather than spend hours searching through thousands of posts after an event. i.e. Samsung should fix front ends to make things less ambiguous, forewarn when something is about to happen, notify when something goes wrong generally, and apologise when customers suffer. I STILL have not had any contact from a staffer! Not all of us spend hours with our noses buried in this forum! (present company presently excepted!)

Doesn’t that just say it all? Why don’t we just make sure that when the next public review is being canvassed we make sure that they include that quote. So give 'em your money, give up your time as a production tester and debugger, (and don’t expect any thanks for it) and expect things to break and when they do don’t expect any help, even if there are still 3 months left on the warranty. That sounds like great advice for the buying public.

In fact, your response has inspired me to raise this with my national trading standards organisations so I think I will pursue that. I’ll pause that if any staffer would like to get in touch. Since you think that everyone on this forum spends hours searching for anything that might potentially be of relevance to them, I assume a staffer will eventually see this within the next day or so. Or should I give it the 5 I’ve already been waiting.

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That’s a very measured and considered expression of the way I feel! (My rants are elsewhere on this thread).

It seems like the forum’s philosophy is to spend more effort placing a “defensive veneer” over it’s shortcomings rather than a simple “sorry we’ll focus on fixing that”. Nobody’s perfect. Trying to pretend you’re better than you are, makes you even less so.

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I think it is a miracle that any Smartthings work is being done, with current challenges affecting all companies and individuals to find ST staff still doing there best deserves more than self centered critism, I have no doubt at all that under normal circumstances ST and there support teams would be helping as quickly as possible


Just checking in to say I’ve been having the same problem with my hub since 9/28. It went offline sometime around 5:00pm EST, then went “inactive” 6 minutes later. It has been inactive, and the LED has been solid blue, for almost 48 hours now. I’ve tried rebooting the hub many times to no avail. I’ve also contacted SmartThings support, but there’s no solution yet.

Try powering it down for about 5 minutes. Remove batteries if a v2. Reboot your router as well.

Thanks for the suggestions! I actually tried all those things already, but no luck. I don’t keep batteries in my hub (it is the v2/2015 version), I’ve kept it powered off for for 60+ minutes, and I tried rebooting my router too. Even after all that, I still get the solid blue LED and “inactive” status in the IDE.

Open a ticket with ST support. And good luck!

Thanks! I’ve already opened a support ticket too… So far all they’ve done is suggest rebooting the hub and plugging it directly into the router (it already was). Hopefully they’ll come up with an actual solution at some point, but I’ll keep rebooting it in the meantime.

You can perform a soft reset. One person reported it worked for him or it could have been a coincidence. Who knows!

A soft reset does not wipe out any devices, it only forces the hub to contact the ST servers and download the firmware which can take 10 minutes or so. But again, only one person out of many others reported this as resolving their issue.

I just gave it a shot, but unfortunately no dice. I got the yellow flashing LED, but now it’s back to solid blue–even after rebooting another time. Thanks anyway!

i just did a reboot from IDE and it was successful. So the problem from the day I was updated did not persist.

those of you that are having firmware problems what kind of internet connection do you have, is is a telephone (non-cable) internet connection?

Is this what you clicked on?

I have a fiber connection.