Hub Firmware Beta 0.32.7

Version: 0.32.7

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v3) (2018)

Release Date: 15 September 2020

Release Notes:


  • Reliability improvements to Hue local device health monitoring

will it also fix the Keen Vents being dropped from the hub since the last update ?

What are you noticing with the Keen vents? Mine seem to be working fine with 32.6

@BarryA my hub has a blue light for 30 minutes now, should I reboot the HUB?

Never mind I rebooted and am on newer version. For your info the last to firmware versions required a reboot.

My v2 hub here is stuck on a blue light even after a full power+battery-pull reboot. Last activity in the IDE event logs for the hub beyond the disconnect warnings is:
hub updater action: notify, status: SUCCESS, target: FFFFFFFF, version: FFFFFFFF, hardwareInfo: 000F

Edit: rebooted a 2nd time with no batteries installed and a 10s wait before repower, green light and showing ACTIVE in the IDE now.

OMG I received 32.7 and two lights (I assume from a smart lights rule) didn’t turn on after. First time that has not happened since fall of last year. I miss it now since I always knew when an firmware update occurred. :slight_smile:

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Is anyone having issues with zwave devices being reported as offline on and off all the time? I believe it is some issue on my system but wanted to be sure I was the only one seeing this.

EDIT: Device shows as offline, and goes offline either when trying to interact with it, or shortly after while I am still looking at the screen frustrated. In other cases, I press on/off and it just twirls forever with the device either not working at all, or doing so with extreme delay. It often also flashes the annoying network error at me.

Edit2: The device shows ONLINE now but is still completely unresponsive. The IDE was showing it with a last activity date of 6 days ago… that is also when this device last froze on me and seemingly returned to life with a power cycle, but now it would seem local control came back while the connection to the hub died !?! Soooooo why is it marked as ONLINE ??

The home screen in my iPhone app was completely re-ordered after the update. Interestingly it was not on my iPad.

Last time this happened was after logging out and back in.

This should not happen in any case.

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if (JKP) {
  turn on light 1
  turn on light 2 
} else {

I think this code was removed.


Several brands of contact sensors are not recording open/close in the new app after the beta update, just temperature and even that is inconsistent.
Interestingly, they are recording these events in the Classic App. Same sensor in both apps screenshots attached.

I will DM you about this issue.

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Im having offline issues with a zll light, it goes offline for hours then come back for a while then its offline again. Never had any issues before with this light.
Are you able to see anything strange occurring?
Porch light 1

I will take a look here shortly @Lyger-uk

It appears that the hub was unable to communicate with the Light Bulb during the period where the device was marked offline. At the moment, I am unaware of why the network was unable to communicate with the light bulb during that period, we will see if we can identify the root cause of communication problems, but the Device Health monitoring was correct in setting the status to offline for that period.

Thanks for checking.

FYI, i just logged a ticket in centercode for a device not being marked offline that has been physically unplugged for 4 days.

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My hub V2 has been offline since this update. I’ve tried the reset button, unplugging the ethernet cable & power and rebooting the router. Nothing worked. All my connected things are now dumb.

what is the color of the led light on the hub? pressing the reset button sounds scary

Solid blue

did you also remove the batteries when you unplugged the power cord? doubt it will have any effect