Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11


I’m going to jinx myself for saying this, but for a full 24 hours now I have not had any significant device or performance issues. I still have devices showing offline, but they seem to go back online within 60 minutes.

This is the first time since October 11th I’ve had this level of relatively acceptable stability.

I’m still finding zigbee devices with drained/low batteries, but I’ve pretty much got that handled.

Anyone else seeing improvements?


I’m away on business so can’t be sure plus my mobile app is not loading Things unless I view via Rooms so checking my devices that way is laborious right now. I can check the IDE later for a snapshot.

I really hope so as my Iris sensors have just been terrible but I’m still wondering if that’s another issue relating to the Cree FW update that may have messed up something in the Cree repeating capabilities. Furthermore, it seems the Iris’ sometimes have to have the battery pulled after things stabilize to get them back online and I can’t do that right now.

(Jason) #351

I’m still having zigbee sensors fall off line today is actually been one of the worst days for me


Just checked mine via the IDE and most of my Iris sensors are now offline. I’m going to have to try taking my Crees out of the picture and reset the Iris’ to get them to re-mesh without the Crees then put the Crees back in (as was suggested earlier). I just need to find time. Grrr.

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Every couple days I’m having to pop batteries out and put them back in. To get them to work again. Still changing batteries in my 2015 ST sensors like it’s nobody’s business.

It’s not that they’re trying to update the firmware either. That’s been done and I’m still seeing extreme battery drain


Wow, that stinks. Do you have Cree bulbs too?

I know that will be a pain. Sorry to hear you’re still going through this.

I only have 3 ST branded sensors left, and I did replace batteries for them since the firmware update. I figure I’ll let them live a little bit longer until Iris releases their new motion sensor models (soon I hope).

Man guys, this stinks that this is still going on, and yeah maybe I was lucky to get a good day (so far). I’m really hoping the ST folks that have been dead silent on this discussion have been doing something in the background to get things right again. If feels like it, but who knows since we’re not getting any communication from anyone in ST…

(Jason) #355

Nope, I have 4 zigbee that keep going offline every day and they are all original ST v2 sensors. Sometimes they comeback by themselves, a lot of the time, if I pull a batter on the contact sensor and put it back all 4 will come back online. Right now at this point in time all sensors are online. However, today was a pain, I had the cleaning lady come and I could see when the door locked worked, but not when the door open or closed. So had no idea when she left, because she does not know how to lock the door.

Support has asked me to do a firmware reflash on my hub by holding the reset button until the light blinks yellow then release and it will reflash. If you hold too long it will do a factory reset on the hub. I have not tired to do this yet as I have found Zero documencation regarding this procedure. I even found the documentation on what all the different color lights mean. None of them mentioned anything about any yellow lights at all, @johnconstantelo have you ever heard of this?

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I would throw away anything branded ST, and buy something else.


All my ZigBee sensors are Dome except for 4 of the new SmartThings leak sensors and they have been working fine. No battery drain. I don’t use Cree bulbs but do use Sengled’s and they are also working fine. The pattern suggests based on all the posts so far is in the ZigBee network when there are repeaters like the Cree bulbs. I don’t have any repeaters in my network maybe that is why I am not seeing any battery drain issues.

(DavidK) #358

Hello, I have iris door sensors, iris motion, SmartThings motion, SmartThings multi sensors and they are all fine. Work fine and no battery issues.

Was on all betas, and this firmware.

(Jason) #359

Is everybody who is having issues on the same shard? I am on NA02

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #360

I’m on NA01 and haven’t been seeing these issues.

(Erik) #361

I still have the ST centralite motion sensor draining the battery every week.

(Jimmy) #362

Dome doesn’t make zigbee sensors

(Mark Poole) #363

You are correct @RonV42 about bulbs that repeat. Switch to Sengleds that don’t repeat and put a couple of the Iris Plugs that repeat for Zigbee and Z-Wave in and watch how much better your Zigbee mesh will behave.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #364

I used to run GE Link bulbs, which seemed to think they could repeat, but couldn’t even stay on the network. I changed over to all Hue bulbs on the Phillips Bridge and add a bunch of the repeaters… just as right as rain ever since!


sorry my mistake…so I have only 4 ST Leak sensors on Zigbee and 16 Sengled’s bulbs then.

(Jason) #366

@johnconstantelo I noticed you mentioned yesterday that you cannot view you things list except from your rooms. I am having that identical issues, I also cannot view the hub from the app or see the zwave tools. I am wondering if this is all related, what Shard are you on? Every day when I wake up I have 5 zigbee sensors offline and this has never happend in 2 years except after this update. I am going to try and change out one of these sensors today to see if it makes any difference.


That’s the first I’ve heard about using the reset button like that. I don’t blame you for being cautious, especially if a factory reset can also be triggered.

My Things list has been erratic, but I was able to bring up my list just now. I noticed that I do get the red bar of death every so often, but that should not be hub related since it’s going back to the cloud for all that.

I’m also able to bring up all zwave and zigbee utilities.

I’m on NA01.

ST has to be working on something in the background because (knock on wood), things look really good right now. In fact, I don’t see any offline devices right now.

As for my zigbee mesh, I have 9 Cree bulbs (f/w 0x0000020A) that were updated back in August during another hub beta program, and those are solid. I also have many (lost count right now) Iris wall plugs. There is one (at least) in every single room, the garage, the attic, the crawl space, on TV’s, you name it.

Back a few firmware releases ago when ST changed something in how they handled the number of devices routing through each zigbee routing-capable device, I had problems very similar to yours. I added another Iris plug, and then powered down my hub for an hour so that when powered back on the zigbee mesh would rebuild and include the new plug in an efficient manner. That did a world of good for me.

You could try something similar in powering down, and then back up to rebuild your mesh, and/or add another plug somewhere.


That was me actually although I can get to the hub in the app. I’m on NA02.

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