Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11


Items go off-line because the check in isn’t properly recorded in the cloud. Therefore the tracking of online status is subject to all the same cloud goofiness as all the historical problems. :disappointed_relieved:

Since you’re a DBA, you’re probably already familiar with the hotspot issue, but if not, google Cassandra hotspots.

(DavidK) #330

This last piece confuses me. Being marked offline is just a status; it should not affect any functionality. I had a device go offline the other day. In the app I turn the device on and off which then forced SmartThings to then mark the device as available as the device was fine.

(Bob Kerr) #331

I am not going to make wild assumptions on how their tables are set up. I am pretty sure that as large as they are, they had enough resources to hire people who know the basics of building a db.

Just like @professordave said, a status shouldn’t be a show stopper for devices that are healthy on the radio side, and certainly shouldn’t prevent them from working. But …hey I have seen oddities, so everything is possible.

(Jason) #332

@johnconstantelo just curious do you have any zwave locks? All my issues are surrounding my locks and I was just noticing that my locks are being sent a ping every hour. From my understanding the locks should not be sent a ping at all because they are secure and sleepy devices. If you do have any locks can you look in you mobile app at the activity for a lock and see if it is being sent a ping?


I’m not making assumptions. The issue has been discussed in the forums by SmartThings staff. Like a lot of companies that began as startups, they scaled up way faster than their original expertise accounted for. They’ve been playing catch-up ever since. Their intended solution is to move off the original platform all together, including moving away from groovy, but they aren’t there yet.

(Big) #334

I have smartthings hub v2 and have had things working good for over a year. Occasionally some hick ups now and then.

But lately my zwave leviton wall socket dimmers plug in style that you just plug a light into have been flashing. Not going all the way off but just going up and down. Randomly not always. Sometimes the lights will do this for up to 2 to 3 minutes. Its happening to 4 modules so it must be common to all. Have plugged one of the lights directly into the wall outlet. When the episodes appear only 3 lights are doing this. Not the light plugged directly into the wall socket on the same circuit as with the other three modules. New house wiring, good lamp, and new bulbs.

My EcoLink door and window sensors have been acting up too. Sometimes they change state but then don’t go back. From closed to open then never going back to closed once door is shut. Have to open and close a door a few times then goes back to desired state.

Anybody have any ideas that could help me out I would appreciate it.



Yes, I have an August lock. It’s definitely not doing what yours is doing. I’m using ST’s default zwave lock DHT, and I see just lock/unlock events.


Discovery- Have 2 motionv4 smartthings motion sensors. The one that got hit with an update is toast, constant false motion events. My other motionv4 did NOT get updated. The battery that registers 100% in the UNupdated smartthings motion sensor is 55% in the updated(busted) one. The updated one is also sending a stream of constant motion alerts, which i suspect is not helping battery life. Even in a sealed cardboard box constant motion events.
The one still working has firmware from

  • Current Version: 0x0000001B
  • Target Version: 0x0000001B
  • Last Updated: 2017-11-16 9:37 PM EST
  • Last Checked: 2018-10-26 9:23 AM EDT

Thank GOD it did not get updated.
Wonder if ST will replace the one they “fried”?


me too my friend, Samsung should be replacing our batteries and sensors, let’s see their response to this.
This is clearly their fault with forced downgrades{updates :frowning: }



(Jason) #339

Ok, thank you. I have a ticket open with Support, if it was just one lock doing it I would just remove and readd it, but since all of my locks are doing the identical thing I am going to hold off. I want support to tell me what is sending the ping, I want to make sure it is not the smartapp that is causing this.

(Eric) #340

I was in beta, don’t know if this is related or not, but I turned health check off, and in general things got better for me…Not sure if related to all this or not.

(Otávio Ribeiro) #341

After updating, some of my oldest GE/Jasco smart switch and dimmers stopped working manually. I can turn them on/off using the App, but, nothing happens when I toggle the switch. If I remove them from the network, everything backs to normal and I can turn them on/off using the switch. But, after join the network it stop working again. And only through the App it will turn on/off.

The newest ones are working fine.

I noticed that they have different firmware versions.

Is there any workaround?

Otávio Ribeiro

(Rob) #342

My motionv4 dropped down to 15% battery after this update and is now down to 1%. Not going to bother replacing the battery after reading other reports on here. Will just swap it out with a cheap Xiaomi which are much better sensors anyway.

The dim issue with Logitech Harmony still exists where it turns on the light at zero level but it seems to have fixed a couple of other issues I was having with the integration.

(Barton.) #343

I posted higher up, but it’s the Cree firmware, at least according to Cree’s customer service. They sent me new bulbs and they still randomly blink once they updated to the latest firmware (even though they said they wouldn’t). I’ve blocked all zigbee ota in the meantime.

Does anyone know that if I reset a Cree bulb, does the firmware roll back too?

(Jimmy) #344

Nope. Firmware would stay the same.

(Robert cunningham) #345

Samsung motion sensors reading battery levels again and working right for me .

(Mark Poole) #346

I started the home automation thing with Wink. For more than a year is was more or less a downhill slog. GE bulbs that would not stay connected zwave switches that were hard to pair and also disconnected. And there was little functionality by comparison to what Smartthings was offering at that time.

Several Wink community members switched to Smartthings and would post about how they were more satisfied after they made the switch to Smartthings. After a couple of months I took their cue and bought a hub when STs first shipped their version 2 hub.

Unlike with Wink the first year with STs had a lot of good positive activity. And then the move to version 3 hub and the new app. In the months before all the version 3 stuff came out several STs community members made the switch to Hubitat. Based on my previous experience with Wink I didn’t wait quite as long to make the switch.

With local control and the experienced community at Hubitat it feels a lot like those early days I experienced with STs. It sure feels like the focus being on local control is a better foundation for moving forward.

Also, having the ability to choose when you load a hub update is helpful. Sometimes you feel like you are ready for the absolute latest and greatest while other times your schedule will be screaming wait a few days.

All to say, maybe there is something better out there rather continuing the slog.

And when it comes to ZigBee bulbs like Crees, they make terrible repeaters and from experience I can say they wreck your ZigBee mesh.

Gocontrol/linear 3 way accessory switch delays/non-responsive possibly since has firmware update
Lost Devices
(Tarunpreet Ubhi) #347

After the update, my Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 stopped working. Removing and adding it in over a 100 times over a span of a week has failed. So frustrated with SmartThings, why would they break a working firmware and update us all to the crappy samsung connect even if we dont want it … was happy for a year that webcore, influx db logger etc were working without issues. Thanks samsung. What’s the next best platform that I can switch to while having home logging and webcore like functionality ? can anyone please help !

(JIm) #348

For the first week or so after the last firmware update I had all kinds of problems with automations, etc. I contacted support and they looked at my account, said something about syncing something. I had both the new and old apps on my phone but primarily used the old one. I mentioned something to support about the new app and they told me not to use it. They also said when the time came they would take care of migrating everything to the new app. So I uninstalled the new app.

I have not had any issues since then. Everything has been working fine and very timely. Not real sure what solved it, whether it was removing the new app or something they did, but it is fixed for me.