Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

(Jason) #369

I just don’t understand how they can mess something up this bad and not even acknowledge they are trying to fix it.

(Ron S) #370

I am with you. For a couple dollars more, get some Philips hues, relax and have couple of beers. Life will be good. These Crees, GE, Lifx etc. etc, are not worth it:

(Kevin) #371

Tho I will say this. I’ve had 0 issues since I switched all but like 5 of my Cree’s to my Hue Bridge. Cree will sync to Hue, so instead of spending so much on the Hue white bulbs I use cree. Plus they are brighter usually.

I’ve got like 5-8 Cree’s still on my ST hub and those have been mostly ok as well. I still think there’s a bug with more than say 10 or so cree’s. I’d lose connection to bulbs left and right. No matter the fact I had iris sockets in every room of the house and garage and every where possible. I took the bulbs off ST and put them on Hue…not a problem since. I’ve left those few on ST as a canary just to see how things are. One negative is that Hue doesnt update the firmware of the Cree’s like ST will. Not sure I care either LOL.

(Ron S) #372

Philips Hues always update its app regularly and warns you when there is a newer firmware update. Since they came to us consumers, we have had may be one or two instances when they screwed up. ST always hosed the integration but fixed it about 2 yrs back. Hues are the best. :slight_smile:

(John C) #373

Up until now, I was not experiencing anything but slow performance—probably not the hub update—and was hopeful I’d escape the hub update with minor injuries. Performance had improved & my two hubs/locations were looking good.

Alas, I’m away from home right now and my battery operated devices are falling off the Zwave network. One, a motion sensor that also reports temperature, was the first to go. It came back for about eight hours and then dropped again. Simple Device Viewer reliablely notified me once again!

The other site/hub? Seems solid, no dropouts.

Frustrating, since everything had run so well for so long…


Damn, I jinx’d myself. My offline issues are back after being gone for almost 2 days…

@Kianoosh_Karami, the Screened Porch Fan is not a GE switch, but a Leviton that’s been rock solid for 3 years (at least).

Crap, I have a Zigbee device that dropped too:


I’ve reported two major issues to Support. Both acknowledged. No fixes in sight for either. It’s been weeks.

My patience is running out.

(Kevin) #376

I even got the flashing Cree light today. First one I’ve seen. Looked at the firmware version and it last update 10-11 not today. Current Version: 0x0000020A . But this is the first time I’ve seen it but also only have a few cree’s I have left on the st hub because how buggy they’ve been. Looked at the device history and I see nothing in that history around the time that it happened. Only reason I noticed it was I was standing right at the lamp cleaning, when it came on then turned off in about .5 to 1 second.

And we are going on now like week 2 of no comment on the status of things… yay samsung go team

(Davin K Dameron) #377

Over the last few days I’ve noticed my Webcore commands being sent very slowly (40+ seconds) or sometimes not at all.

(Jarrett Campbell) #378

I’m experiencing very slow WebCoRE response today too. I just assumed it was a daylight savings time issue – as it seems every time we spring forward or fall back, something breaks :slight_smile:

I’m just about ready to replace the 3 Cree Bulbs in my system. The flashing in the middle of the night woke me up last night, and I was supposed to be getting an extra hour sleep.

(Bob) #379

I’ve been following this thread and I’m wondering if anyone has actually heard anything from ST in the form of a support ticket response, or maybe in another thread about the issues that this update has caused, is there a fix coming, when etc. etc. Is there actually an issue as far as ST are concerned.
My perception, and it is only my perception, is that the silence from ST is absolutely deafening.

(Chris) #380

This happened today.

First time I’ve been happy to see these messages

(John C) #381

FWIW, all devices are back & reporting. The app says the hub has been online two days—but I haven’t been there to power cycle it & haven’t rebooted remotely, either. Was there a power interruption? Did ST do something? Was a hot-patch applied to the firmware, even though the version number displayed hasn’t changed?



Who the heck knows anymore…

I think your gremlins jumped over to me. My luck ran out…

I just checked, and I have 2 zwave devices offline for 7-9 hours now that were working just fine for days post 24.11

Oh well…

EDIT : make that 3 devices, 2 GE and 1 Aeon in-wall micro switch.

(John C) #383

Sorry to “share” that with you, John!

Unfortunately, the hub in question isn’t the one rebooted nightly. Perhaps when we’re back up there for the holidays, I’ll rig something up to do that. Maybe a VPN connection & WiFi switch so I can use it as required, instead of “brute force” reboot I have down here. Could be useful for troubleshooting & maintenance while away…

Sigh :pensive:


I have an Iris WiFi plug on my ST hub (w/no batteries) just for those brute force reboot needs. It doesn’t need their hub, and I can still use their app for scheduled reboots if I needed to do that.

Something has to be happening under the covers because I went for almost 2 days of really good performance and device health, and then it’s like ST reverted back again to the day 24.11 came out.

I may be way off here (and I probably am), but I wonder if they’re trying to free up resources on the hub so they can move more things and automations local to the hub. Perhaps what ST use to allow to stay resident in the hub’s memory, like device state/events(or?) can no longer be there so they can use that memory elsewhere?

There’s a finite amount of resources on the hub, so perhaps ST is counting on routing capable devices to take up some of the load? Who knows…

Back several firmware releases ago, something similar happened for Zigbee devices. They reduced the number of devices directly connected to the hub and relied on routing devices in the mesh a lot more. I personally experienced that, and helped one of their zigbee engineers debug that with them.

(John C) #385

Something like that should do it. Up there, my router should be able to have a stable VPN connection, so I could use it remotely. Or through some app, I suppose.

You’re probably not far off on your supposition. We hear about hub updates, but ST is silent on cloud updates or architectural details!

Down here, I’m brute-force rebooting with a Synapsis NP-02 power switch. The connection is through a Verizon MiFi device—and it’s my understanding they do some kind of double-NAT trick for cellular connections, which negates the ability to VPN to my network here. The NP-02 pings the ‘net and can also reboot the Verizon box, if it looses the network. Other than Hurricane Irma, it’s been solid for over 3 years. (EDIT: it was rebooted once, come to think of it!)

More here, in case anyone is interested…

(Jonathan Musto) #386

Ok, so I’m also having many of the issues reported in this thread. I don’t have any Cree blubs, but I have several Ikea Tradfri bulbs connected, all were working fine until 0.24.11. Now they’re all offline, won’t reconnect and have also taken several other devices offline with them.

I think it’s time to vote with my feet.

(Migs2482) #387

I lost all of my devices twice now since this update

(Migs2482) #388

Working on porting all of my devices to hubitat.