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Hub Firmware Beta Invite!

(Tim Slagle) #1

It’s here! A hub firmware beta for everyone! We are looking for people who are interested in testing our beta hub firmware. Starting the end of this week (or early next week), we want to roll out our latest firmware to you to give us feedback on.

We will be releasing the details of the firmware to the beta testers at a later date, but if you are interested in testing some cool hub features, click the link below to get started!

Click here

NOTE: This is only for Hub V2 users.

Hub Firmware 18.x Beta
Hub Firmware 17.x Beta
(Garrett Hensley) #2

After reading the details do I have the option of opting out of the beta? I would enjoy the opportunity to be a beta tester but unless the features to be tested are applicable to me then it would not be beneficial for me or the beta test.

(Toby Cth3) #3

If we were already part of the previous hub beta, do we need to sign up again?


Yes, this is a new beta list.

(John C) #5

For a person with two (or more) hubs, can the Beta be limited to just one of the two? I definitely don’t want an unattended location (1500 miles away) being updated with anything but production code!

@slagle ?

(Tim Slagle) #6

Provie the ZigBee ID for the hub you want to test on when you fill out the participation survey.

Yes, please.

Yes. At the bottom of each email we send will be a link to opt out. You can also leave the program via your settings menu in the webapp.

(Alexander Wardeh) #7

Great, just applied!

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #8

All right! Let’s do this!

(Jimmy) #9

I’m not jealous of the time you spent adding devices to your centercode account…

(Realy Living Dream) #10

Be great if Centercode would just lnk all my accounts. I wudda thunked that would be 1 advantage of all these companies using a 3rd party to organize their test platforms. I put all my crap into Centercode once and then they can autopopulate all their different customers.

(Michael Salerno) #11

Signed hub…Here’s to moving from Wink Beta to Smartthings Beta lol

(Brad Buckles) #12

I get a message that the key provided is not valid when I try to click the link to join the beta :frowning:

(Zach Varberg) #13

We have stopped accepting new beta users for 19.X. We may open it back up in the future though.


How do you get on the list for the next beta?

(Zach Varberg) #15

We don’t currently have a waitlist of any kind. I’m not sure what the exact process will be for the next beta, but we will post on the forums, so keep an eye out here.

(Tom Manley) closed #16