Hub Firmware 18.x Beta



Ever since getting 18.20, and even 18.18 to a certain extent, my hub is constantly doing this:

(Joel W) #165

Mine has been going offline then online a few times a day.


So I’ve been seeing some issues that may be related to the 18.20 ZigBee change. I have a strong ZigBee mesh (much weaker Z-Wave one) and rarely lose connectivity to any devices (I’d guess less than three in the last year). Since the update, health check has notified me of the loss of five Sylvania bulbs (one twice), one Iris plug (Z-Wave repeater stayed connected) and one Halo smoke detector. All reconnected fine after resetting them. Also, these lost devices seem to happen one at a time (not all at once).

(Realy Living Dream) #167

Did you actually lose them, or did device health just say that they were unavailable? Still a lot of issues with device health. IMHO best to just leave it off until it actually works & doesn’t throw more false negatives than actual device health.issues.


I’ve never had issues with device health. It has been very accurate for my devices. In any case, whether it was disabled or not, I was unable to control the devices until I reset them.

(Ray) #169

I am seeing similar issue as well. My health check is still off since it was introduced so the only way for me to know it is when I lost control of the device or wait 7 days.

(Paul Osborne) #170

Thanks for the report @jhamstead. This could be related to the timeout fixes (which may need tweaking) in the stack noted by @tpmanley in the Xiaomi thread ([RELEASE] Xiaomi Sensors and Button (beta)), but that is a complete guess.

Next time you see one drop off, go ahead and contact and/or DM me and @tpmanley and we can try to to see if we can get a better idea of what might be going on in your case.


I had another device go offline last night. I just sent an email to

(Jimmy) #172

@posborne any change log for the incremental beta update coming out today?

(Tom Manley) #173

This will update your hub to 18.21 which is the same version that was released to the general public. If you already asked for and received this update your hub will not be updated again. The change from 18.20 to 18.21 is mainly to revert the zigbee radio firmware back to the same version released in 0.17.x because a very small number of users experienced a loss of network settings with the newer firmware.

New beta email went out today
(Bill S.) #174

The same firmware that broke Arlo Q cameras? Was that fixed?

(greg) #175

After the update this morning I’m getting these messages constantly:

9:39:33 AM: trace in delayedOfflineMessage state offline = false
9:35:47 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zb_radio_on’ received
9:35:47 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zw_radio_on’ received
9:35:33 AM: debug Hub x is active. Notify=true offline sent=false
9:35:33 AM: debug Hub x is disconnected. Scheduling message send in 4 minutes
9:35:21 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zw_radio_on’ received
9:35:21 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zb_radio_off’ received
9:34:42 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zw_radio_on’ received
9:34:42 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zb_radio_on’ received
9:34:15 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zb_radio_off’ received
9:34:15 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zw_radio_on’ received
9:34:14 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zb_radio_off’ received
9:34:14 AM: trace hubStatus event value ‘zw_radio_on’ received

Any ideas on what might be happening? I’m not at home so I don’t know if my devices are actually working or not.

(Nick Stevens) #176

Arlo is entirely cloud based, firmware couldn’t break it if it tried.

(Tom Manley) #177

My understanding is this is an issue on the Arlo side and I think it was supposed to be fixed last night or today. Our status page still shows it as being an issue so that may mean they didn’t push the fix last night. Definitely not related to hub firmware though like Nick said.

(Bill S.) #178

They are currently investigating an issue affecting Arlo Q cameras showing as unavailable to people on 18.21.

EDIT: Sorry Nick, I thought it was a firmware issue as it never affected those of us on 18.20.

(Bill S.) #179

Ahhh… Never saw anything that said it was on Netgear’s end. Just that it was being investigated.

(Tom Manley) #180

Those messages are normal when the hub does a zigbee firmware update. You hub did hit a rare issue that causes problems talking to secure Z-Wave devices. I restarted your hub because that typically fixes the issue and it seems to have worked in this case but 3 of your secure Z-Wave devices had already been marked offline. I believe they should come back online the next time they report or if you try to control them through the app or a SmartApp. If that doesn’t work please contact support so they can help get things working again.

(greg) #181

Thanks for the info. I’ll take a look when I get home to make sure everything is working

(Tim Slagle) #182

Hey everyone,

Please make sure to sign up for the new beta program. We want to have a good group and we see we missed some of you guys.

Please sign-up here!

(Realy Living Dream) #183

Just what I needed a 5th centercode account.