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HUB Firmware Beta 0.24

(Joel W) #1

I thought the V2 hubs were getting a new Beta yesterday! If true I wasn’t updated.

(Alex) #2

The email we got was just to alert us to it and to give us the option to opt out. I believe they said that there would be another notification before the update was actually sent out.

(Jimmy) #3

it said the Week of 8/20. So i would expect it 8/20-8/24

( #4

Really interested in the fixes in this beta hoping for yale lock battery issue fixes. I having been checking here and centercode regularly over the past 36 hours

(Tom Manley) #5

Correct, we just wanted to give people a chance to opt out and we weren’t sure exactly when we’d be ready to start the release. We’re currently aiming for Thursday.

(Joel W) #6

Thank you for the explanation.

(Jimmy) #7

Does that mean this one may be especially buggy? :smiling_imp:

(Tom Manley) #8

We prefer to call them “features” :grin:

(Joel W) #9

That’s really skirting the answer!:imp:

(Tom Manley) #10

I was joking but we take the quality of our firmware very seriously, including customer beta releases. We test everything on our own personal hubs and the firmware also goes through a QA process. Parts of this firmware are already in production on v3 hubs and now we’re bringing the changes to v2. The only reason we needed to hold the release a couple of days was so we could verify a fix for a regression in factory reset.

(Joel W) #11

I was being facetious That is my character.:smile:!

(Borristhecat) #12

I’m having device issue again since 24.8 and z-wave repair doesn’t work aswell.