Hub Firmware Beta 0.27.x

Hi all:

Unfortunately I was not able to get the beta out today due to a number of issues with Centercode. However the issues have been resolved so the beta (0.27.4) will be going out tomorrow, 8/13. My apologies.

I have gone through many beta signups that were stuck in a pending state. This can be for a number of reasons, but the most common is due to invalid hub information provided at signup. There was also a brief period of time over the last couple of months where the beta signup failed to transition to a screen requesting hub information.

If you received an email from us asking to verify hub information, or you experienced a beta signup process that may not have been complete, feel free to sign up for the beta again ( and send me a DM letting me know and I’ll make sure you’re on this next beta.


I think this is the third time i’ve filled out that survery :joy:

Centercode is giving me this error:

Hi Joe, the beta isn’t live yet but you are on the list. You will get the beta when it rolls out.

Got my update about 20 minutes ago

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@BarryA signed up multiple times… never got the invite… even updated my hub ID in centercode…


My hub is updated! Let the fun begin.

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Got it. Nothing obviously broken so far.

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@BatraD you are now in the beta and hub is on 0.27.4

At this point all beta user hubs should be updated. If your hub is not updated to the beta release, or have trouble accessing the beta project in Centercode, please send me a DM.

Thanks again for being beta testers!


So I should probably spend the afternoon reconnecting all the devices that the last general release knocked off and I haven’t been able to get reconnected for the past month. Good deal, it’s raining today anyway.

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hi Barry,

got the 27.004 code on my hub now… thanks for your help

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Hi @BarryA,

So far, this is the only odd event messages I’ve gotten that I haven’t seen in quite some time:

The outlets are Aeon Zwave G2 microcontrollers, and the fans are GE Zwave Plus devices.

Want me to submit a Centercode report?

Yes please submit a bug report on Centercode. Also please note in the report if the devices are controllable via the SmartThings App or automations.

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Will do. I’ve been monitoring and this is the only time I’ve seen this, and the devices work as expected with both apps and automations. I wasn’t home when these events took place, so it’s impossible to know if they didn’t work when the events happened. I suspect they were probably ok.

Before submitting the report I’m going to watch the event log closely now that I’m home, and if it happens again I’ll send it in right away.

Hurrah, guess I wasted my time yesterday trying to get devices back online. As of right now EVERY DEVICE is offline in the Classic app and in IDE. Logs submitted.
Curious enough automations are for the most part running, as well as GA & Alexa commands. Just nothing through app. IDE lists all 147 local devices as " Hub disconnected"

Yikes never seen all disconnected. Did you cut the breaker and unplug the hub for a few minutes?

Interesting enough, I had no disconnected devices this time around and I usually get a few after each update.

I’m not touching anything LoL. Automations are still working, everything ( well the 147 local devices) are just showing as offline in the app & IDE.
Light on hub is green, so it’s online from my end.

From what I gathered the hub-disconnect is from some kind of missed schedule. Once that schedule is restored, the message goes away. That is purely observational based. When my devices were showing disconnected they were working just fine.

Hub firmware 0.27.6 has been released to production. Please refer to Hub Firmware Release Notes - 27.6 .