Hub Firmware Beta 0.27.x

Hurrah, guess I wasted my time yesterday trying to get devices back online. As of right now EVERY DEVICE is offline in the Classic app and in IDE. Logs submitted.
Curious enough automations are for the most part running, as well as GA & Alexa commands. Just nothing through app. IDE lists all 147 local devices as " Hub disconnected"

Yikes never seen all disconnected. Did you cut the breaker and unplug the hub for a few minutes?

Interesting enough, I had no disconnected devices this time around and I usually get a few after each update.

I’m not touching anything LoL. Automations are still working, everything ( well the 147 local devices) are just showing as offline in the app & IDE.
Light on hub is green, so it’s online from my end.

From what I gathered the hub-disconnect is from some kind of missed schedule. Once that schedule is restored, the message goes away. That is purely observational based. When my devices were showing disconnected they were working just fine.

Hub firmware 0.27.6 has been released to production. Please refer to Hub Firmware Release Notes - 27.6 .

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