Hub Firmware Beta 22.7

Anyone who participated in the 0.21.x beta is automatically signed up for this one.
If you’d like to participate in the beta, but haven’t taken the survey yet you can Sign Up Here
If you’d like to opt out, you can also leave the program via the Account Settings menu item in Centercode.

Please make sure your participation status is what you would like it to be before we begin the next customer beta. Following are the expected release notes for this beta.


  • 0.22.7

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Date

  • Thursday, May 31

Release Notes

  • Fix bug causing inability to control Zigbee devices for short periods of time
    • Fix time sync incorrectly causing a radio reboot
    • Better handling of Zigbee radio reboots to lose fewer commands
  • Local execution improvements and bug fixes
    • Add support for ZigBee Button DTH
    • Add support for Z-Wave Water Valve DTH
    • Add Support for Cree Bulb DTH
    • Fix Fortrezz Siren incorrectly reporting both the siren and strobe when only one is active
    • Fix for reporting 99% instead of 100% by Z-Wave multi-level devices
    • Fix incorrect attribute status after change for some Z-Wave water valves and dimmers
    • Generate power reports locally for locally running Zigbee and Z-Wave devices
  • Firmware updates for the following devices:
    • SmartThings - secure rejoin support
      • Water Leak Sensor 2015 US - FW 1F075310
      • Water Leak Sensor 2015 UK - FW 1F085310
    • OSRAM - various bug fixes (UK ZLL models)
      • Garden RGB - FW 01020412
      • CLA 60 TW - FW 01020412
      • FLEX RGBW - FW 01020412
    • Sylvania - FW 00102302 - Fix bug with light not always turning on
      • A19 RGBW
      • A19 TW 10 Year
      • A19 W 10 year
      • BR30 RGBW
      • BR30 TW
      • BR30 W 10 Year
      • Flex Outdoor RGBW
      • Flex RGBW
      • Flushmount TW
      • RT TW
      • RT RGBW
    • Sylvania - FW 00102303 - Fix bug with light not always turning on
      • RT HO RGBW
      • Troffer Kit 2x4 TW
    • Sylvania - FW 00102304 - Fix bug with light not always turning on
      • PAR38 W 10 Year
      • Troffer Kit 2x2 TW

Zach any word on the local image processing issue (buffer overflow)?

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I keep being plagued by Ghost Devices. Has this been addressed or will it in the future? Last time I interacted with support I was told several were removed but as far as I can tell they are back.

Keep the updates coming! Thanks!

I signed up for the beta the last time around but haven’t gotten my account approved. Tried taking the survey again and I’m getting an error stating the page I’m trying to access is unavailable. Any chance someone could look at my centercode account?

Woohoo 22.X beta has arrived :slight_smile:

The majority of the beta hubs should be updated now. There are a few stragglers but they should finish over the next several minutes (depending on your internet speed). If you received the email yesterday that you would be getting the update and your hub doesn’t update in the next hour or so, please let us know.


Is this the beta firmware 000.022.00007 or will it actually be 22.7

One in the same

My broadband connection has been down for the last day and therefore my hub is offline. Will it download the beta firmware that I missed on its own when I get a connection back?

Yep, should download the update shortly after you get internet to the hub again.

How long should it take for a manual firmware check to start the updating procedure?

Are you talking about the firmware update of a Zigbee device? If the Last Checked time updates and shows there is an update available it immediately starts downloading the update. Depending on the device it takes a few minutes to an hour.

Correct. Looks like i just needed to be patient. Last checked date is now updated. I’ll give it some time to see if it starts the update.

I see what’s up and unfortunately this is kind of confusing. There are basically two different versions of the Lightify products, the older version with a manufacturer of OSRAM and the newer version with a manufacturer of LEDVANCE. This hub firmware only contains new firmware for a few versions of OSRAM products sold in the UK and new versions for the LEDVANCE products which use the brand name Sylvania.

TL;DR that particular device is already on the latest firmware.

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ah, ok. That’s the reason I was manually triggering it. I have both brands, and the LEDVANCE ones updated, but the Osram didn’t. That would explain why!

I have noticed a definite improvement in responsiveness with the local processing for the lightify 2 button dimmer. I also noticed that my light that has 1 Osram RGBW and 3 LEDVance RGBW A19 bulbs, the color temps now match all the way down to 1900K, whereas before the LEDVance bulbs were not as warm as the Osram. The LEDVance bulbs seem to apply the update only when turned off.

same here… signed up a few months back. application is still pending state…

my hub is showing as 000.021.00013 which i assume to be the latest, looking at Local Device Types List (
the ZigBee Button requires 000.022.0002 to local process.

How do i get that version/local procsssing for zigbee button’s

At this point, it’s only deployed to people signed up for the beta. So you can ether sign up for the beta or wait until public release.