Hub Firmware Beta 0.24.8


  • 0.24.8

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)

Release Date

  • Thursday September 20

Release Notes

  • Added support for local handling of SmartSense Motion battery events
  • Fixes to improve device health for Z-Wave devices
  • Fixed issue that prevented Z-Wave multi-channel devices from joining the hub

Does this firmware fix the camera large picture overflow/disconnect issue?

There were some changes made in 0.22 that mitigate the issue, but it has not been fixed in 0.24.


I updated the bug report for my August lock. It’s offline again.

I just migrated from v2 to a v3. Can my new v3 hub be added to the beta program as my v2 was?

Sorry, the beta program is only for v2 hubs at the moment.

Would it be possible to opt out of the beta? I’m out of town on an extended period of time for an emergency situation with work, and my better half is going mad with the lighting automation no longer working properly all the time, and apparently the chime on my Dome siren is chirping 2 - 6 times every time someone opens a door.

I’m not sure that’s a hub firmware issue. I’ve had that going on for a while, prior to any betas. There’s a discussion or two on multiple chirping happening. Have you let the DTH developer know if you’re using a custom DTH?

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Do you still want off the beta? Like John said this might not be a hub firmware issue. We can still remove you if you would like.

Hey Bret,

Yeah, I hate to leave, but I probably should have you remove me or my wife is going to go bonkers. If I were at home I could probably make things work able, but being away makes it difficult to make things workable while testing the firmware.


No doubt the Dome issue may be unrelated, but the automatons for the chirping are all linked to the Visonic open/close sensors that keep going offline on the new firmware, so I suspect it’s all tied together in some way. Once in a blue moon I do get two chirps (not during a beta) from a door opening, but never had I had so many extra in a row, and as consistently. I haven’t had any other issues with the Dome from other sensors for what it’s worth, but they don’t trigger near as often.

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I’m assuming you’ve verified that the repeat setting is set to 1.

Having it repeat occasionally is a known issue with the device, but I’ve found that SHM usually makes the problem worse so I recommend Speaker Companion.

My DTH for the Zooz Smart Chime (same device) isn’t as user friendly, but it allows you to play the 10 sounds using Dimmer Levels 10,20,30,…, so you can use Smart Lighting to trigger the sounds which is often a lot more reliable.

Yep, the repeat setting is 1. I’ll have to try out the speaker companion and smart lighting and see if one of them works any better for me.

i’m having bad z-wave and/or device health issues again. Error 120 for several devices in the hub event logs. Devices that can be controlled from the app but fail during z-wave repair. Anybody else?

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It likely isn’t device health since that’s a ST implementation and these are messages from the z-wave chip.
Did you try to reboot the hub?

Yup, that screenshot was shortly after hub reboot.

Any plans to add local execution for NYCE device handlers, like NYCE Open/Closed Sensor?

2 new reports for me:

BUG-0181 : Zwave Replace Doesn’t Work
BUG-0182 : GE switch incorrectly identified as Leviton (stock DTH)

Ironically it all happening for the same device… It’s been working fine until f/w release 24.8


All the exclusions and re-inclusions don’t help… Device joins but it’s not controllable, and it won’t use the right stock DTH. Somehow it defaults to “Z-Wave Switch Generic” instead of just a zwave switch.

My Z-Wave repair was clean even during this weekend’s Dev ce health issues. Like @RBoy said these are events from the z-wave chip. You may have a ghost or two in there that need to be removed. Contact support they can help you out.

Never mind posted in wrong spot.