Hub Firmware 25.x Beta

After reading the post from @johnconstantelo I’m having the same problem with my Zooz chime siren it shows as the siren is going off and I cannot reset it and cannot use any of the chimes.

Well, I said the main parse function of this beta firmware seems to round off that value based on a short run of log entries posted by user @cscheiene here.

In those log entries, the log entries two consecutive raw temperature report parse description strings of temperature: 21.0 C, and I would be very very surprised to the exact same value reported twice in a row, because the Xiaomi sensor it came from just doesn’t work that way. But a longer run of log entries is needed to confirm whether all temperature report parse descriptions end in .0 or not.

Either way, the current firmware supplies a raw temperature report parse string with precision down to 100ths of a degree.

And I need to mention again that if I use SmartThings’ recommended method of zigbee.getEvent() to fully parse temperature reports, the values are rounded off to the nearest integer, which is why I wasn’t using that method in the first place.

Got it. We are expanding the message back to report down to hundredths. getEvent() is just meant to make things easier for people, it is certainly not required usage. I’m hoping to have the change out by early next week, but it could be out as soon as tomorrow.


I’m also seeing issues with the dome siren. I added some detail for devs in the Center code issue.

My device event history goes back before the firmware update, but unfortunately, it appears events (other than the commands) are not recorded for the chimes.

The dome siren issue is a bug in the hub firmware. We’re working on a fix which should be included in the next release.


Chris, mid week update. Things are looking good so far with the exception of 2 things:

  1. After the initial update was rolled out, the hub went offline (lights out completely). Had to power cycle it to turn it back on
  2. There an issue with large images being received from local devices (cameras). I wondering if it’s connected to the hubAction buffer overflow which was causing a hub disconnect (diagnosed by Bryce) in the last firmware. It wasn’t fixed in 24.x, don’t know if it’s been addressed here or if that’s still the root cause

One more thing I’ve noticed Chris, when using hubAction to communicate with local devices it seems to timeout much faster with this firmware. If a device takes more than about 5-7 seconds to respond to a hubAction the response never seems to reach the DTH/SA

Keep us posted. We set these devices to report power consumption every 5 minutes to meet some certification needs. Unfortunately, if we made the parameter editable, it would only be available in the classic app.

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What type of device?

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Can you report a bug in Centercode? One of our engineers will investigate.

If he hasn’t already, @Bryce_Geiser will reach out to you on this issue.


LAN Devices. Bryce updated me on it. Apparently the hub resets the socket, he said he will look into it.

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There is definitely something going in this firmware that is causing this device to fail to communicate. Right now it’s in a state where it is not wanting to come up and has been for about a day. It’s the only Aeotec Nano I have so I cannot verify if this is something with these devices.

@RBoy Both my ID Locks stopped reporting the code that was used to unlock. Just says unlocked or locked. Are you seeing any similar problems?

Temperature reporting should be back to the way it was before. Please let me know if there are any issues persisting.

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Yup, my vents are reporting temperature now, thanks!

On a separate note, did anyone notice that the Classic app stopped showing pictures for a Room? All my Rooms have lost the image (png) I was using, except 1.

mine still work fine

Yeah, figures I’d have weird stuff going on for a Friday. I can easily add mine back.

Can you open the IDE Live Logging, unlock using your code copy/paste and PM me your logs

Go ahead and log a bug in Centercode, and I’ll investigate.

Hmmm, something is up. A couple of my Rooms now have names I gave them a long time ago. I made Room name changes a couple months ago, and now they’re back, along with no more Room icons.

I’m sure this can’t be firmware related, so I’ll address this elsewhere because this is a little concerning…