Hub Firmware 25.x Beta

Man you’re a glutton for punishment :).


The signup acted like I had already applied, but I did go in under Test Platforms and remove my V2 and add my V3. Hopefully that works?

Any improvements to V3 network connectivity with this update? Mine seems to have quick disconnects when my network is fine.

You should have just received an email asking you to update the responses in your survey. Give that a try.

@cbaumler i sent you a PM. Don’t want to clutter up this thread with my edge case.

Signed up!

Can you outline the new features? Are they behind the scenes or something that DTH’s can take advantage of?

Does this fix the outstanding bug related to the buffer overflow causing the hub connection be reset?

Any chance the UDP/UPnP communications will be restored with firmware which has been broken since mid 2018

Any chance custom apps/DTH get access to local execution?

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I’ll definitely participate, and I’m really curious if any parts of this feature were introduced in the 24.11 through 24.20 release. That’s when my zwave devices went nuts for a long time, but have now settled down for the most part. I do get the occasional offline device for hours that require a power cycle (GE, Aeon, Evolve, Leviton, and Zooz devices all to date).

Count me in, and I promise to let ST know the good, bad and ugly.

The new framework is an under-the-hood change as of now. It was largely driven by our efforts to complete certification for Z-Wave S2 which is still ongoing.


We’ll be looking for testing around network but nothing related to the issues you have described before. For your case, when I looked at your logs previously, I think we concluded that this brief disconnects might have been from a cloud deploy and not related to network connectivity.

Nonetheless, beta will be a good time to make observations and collect information if we think there might be something going on.


Unfortunately, that’s not something added in this firmware release.

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I am very excited to see What you think of the new framework, I will warn you that there is a conversion stage (one time only) that might be a bit rocky, this is to convert your old Z-Wave framework to new Z-Wave framework, I am hoping with the new framework, you will have much better experience.


@Kianoosh_Karami , will this fix the issue you and I discussed last month on my V2? If so, count me in.

any more detailed information on what happens during this “Conversion Stage”, why will it be better? will we ever get access to Zwave map?

Oh you know I’ll provide feedback :wink:

Depending on what time this happens (preferably working hours EST), impact could be minimal.

Does this firmware (and maybe an app update?) enable zigbee 3.0 QR code pairing for the V2 hub?

Unfortunately not, V2 won’t be getting Zigbee 3 support in this release.


Unfortunately, that issue can’t be fully resolved with firmware, but the cloud team has it on their radar.

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Will we need to re-pair any S2 enables devices in order to take advantage of the benefits?

“Conversion stage” is essentially converting Network data from the old framework to the new framework, we will also query all the devices on the network during this stage to refresh their supported command classes and some other minor info such as wake up capabilities.

Z-Wave map: We are working on getting that info to the user, it is definitely a few months out as there are higher priority tasks on our plate before we can get that to you.


Not yet, The firmware does support S2, however, it is controlled by the mobile app and not until we have completed Certification, we cannot direct the mobile app (only will be supported in new app) enable S2 join flow for the hubs. So hang tight and we will let you know when you can rejoin your S2 devices.