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Hub Firmware Beta 0.24.2

(Anthony S.) #21

Anyone else with cree bulbs experiencing random flashes of the bulbs. Once my crees updated there firmware after the 24.x firmware they have all exhibited this behaviour

(Tom Manley) #22

There was a version bump in 0.24 but we didn’t mention it because it didn’t include any user visible changes.

0.23 is what was on Hub v3 at launch. 0.24 will be going to both Hub v2 and v3 and it includes much of what is in 0.23 plus a little more. 0.24 won’t bring all the Hub v3 features to the Hub v2 (Zigbee 3 for example) but we’ll be working to bring those remaining features to v2 in future firmware updates.

Please file a bug report and if anyone else has experienced this too please let us know. I’ve been running this firmware for quite a long time and haven’t noticed any issues but I’m admittedly down to just one Cree in a room I don’t use very often.

(Borristhecat) #23

Where do we file the bug reports? We usually get a link to a test page but I didn’t this time.

Edit it’s strange it’s only some of my UBSs that have stopped responding to closed and only on input 1. If I manually change them to closed then open them again it shows open!? So that proved that they are working but something in the beta is causing this. It’s a custom DH as you don’t suport a UBS for some reason but it’s a simple one that I have been using for ages.

( Cosmo) #24


(Borristhecat) #25

Can never find it on the website direct, I eventually found it again and bookmarked it this time.


I just posted 2 bugs related to my zwave devices. First is the Replace function either times out without any clear message of what’s wrong, and the event log shows the device isn’t failed even though it wasn’t controllable and it said OFFLINE in the IDE.

Second, and related to the first, is that I’m seeing A LOT more zwave OFFLINE messages and the inability to control the devices via the phone app (Classic). SmartApps, like Alexa, still seem to control them ok.

Up until this latest update my zwave devices we pretty rock solid. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had to do a Replace on a device until just now.

(Alex) #27

@tpmanley - I have both v2 and a v3. The latter is connected and adopted but not in use while I figure out the best way to migrate everything. I am still in hopes of some magical tool showing up before I start the painful migration. Either way I think it would not be a bad thing as I see it as a way to start fresh without carrying over any ghost issues… but this is not why I write. Is there any way to add my v3 to the beta program so that both my hubs get updated?

(Tom Manley) #28

I’ll take the request back to the team but I think this 0.24 beta will likely remain v2 only. Hopefully the next one can include v3 as well.

(Alex) #29

What I meant was just adding my v3 to the beta program so it gets updated whenever there’s a new beta for it, even if at different times than my v2.

( #30

I feel the last two beta’s have been run terribly.

ST Staff are not replying to bug posts in centercode
Getting less task to do
why clear the suggestions everytime?
Why cant beta users see a road map under NDA?

its embarrassing Hue Groups and Scenes are still not officially supported they have been around for years on the hue system wouldn’t take someone that long to add either this was the first suggestion I posted on the first ever beta back in October 2017


I would agree. I’ve posted a couple issues that have yet to see any feedback or recommendations from ST.

For me, this firmware beta release has been buggier than previous releases. My environment has been very stable until 24.2 was pushed to me. Now I have both zwave and zigee devices dropping for no reason (they were rock solid performers prior to 24.2), and device online/offline status in the IDE are unreliable compared to prior releases.

( #32

Getting far more notifications and a Aeon Outlet that keeps reporting on when off, Zigbee has been fine except on the day of the update which was solved by turning off & on my zigbee outlets

(Jimmy) #33

Tim used to run the betas. Not sure who does now. Maybe Bret? Either way, the bugs are marked as being investigated. So I suppose we have to trust that is happening. I know I’m being particularly impacted by z-wave instability and the z-wave replace bug.


me too…

(Bret Schuring) #35

We are looking into the reported issues and are currently investigating the problem with Z-Wave replace. We have also identified a bug affecting Z-Wave device health. The device health fix is going through internal testing and is planned to be in the next beta release.

(Jimmy) #36

thanks for the update Bret.

(Borristhecat) #37

Any update on why my multi channel input devices (UBS), with child devices got all srewed up?

(Bret Schuring) #38

There have been a number of Z-Wave fixes to improve device behavior, but I am not sure if the specifically address your UBS devices. @Kianoosh_Karami may be able to provide more insight.

(Bret Schuring) #39

We are planning on releasing the 0.24.5 beta tomorrow. Please see Hub Firmware Beta 0.24.5 for the release notes.

(Borristhecat) #40

Randomly the ones I left not working seemed to work again today? Have there been any other fixes in the back end? It started about a day after the firmware update then could have been fixed sometime this week as I’ve been working nights I hadn’t noticed.