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Hub Firmware Beta 0.20.11

(Ricci Hoffer) #41

Yes, on my ST/Samsung account. ST could not find it at all before this beta. They were shown in a second location that didn’t have a hub created during the migration beta. My S8+ and TV automatically showed up there. Since ST could not find the vac we sprung for for xmas, i added it to Samsung Home app and then it put it in the phantom location automatically. No use to me ST wise until today’s beta which found it inmy actual ST location.

(Jimmy) #42

sweet! sounds like my experience. Can’t wait to get home and try!

(Benji) #43


First OTA Z-Wave update need to be for the AEON RGBW Bulb!!!

( Cosmo) #44

My hub is online but nothing is responding in app or via Alexa. Anyone else?
Hub Beta issue or maybe general platform issue?

(Jeffrey) #45

No issues here


See here (from further up in this thread) …

(jkp) #47

you may want to read the followup he posted :slight_smile:

(Benji) #48

YEEAAAPP, I’m dumb, read it wrong :frowning_face:

(Jimmy) #49

Well, it half worked. It paired right away, live logging looks good, etc. Just can’t control it. The device screen always refreshes and throws the “Connection failure” error. Submitted a bug report.

( #50

so has everyone in the beta got this? or does this hub firmware allow us in the future to get this

(Zach Varberg) #51

Right now we are not ready to roll the Z-Wave fw update out to everyone as we want more test time on it. However, we will be reaching out to find users who we think would benefit from the Z-Wave firmware update (Like @SteveWhite, who has been very helpful in this early testing) and have them participate in the beta within the beta for those updates.


How would we identify if we are “beta within the beta” with respect to the zw firmware upgrade?

I’m assuming that the protocol version is how we identify that in IDE. Is that correct? And if so, is my assumption that saying the general public is currently on 3.83. I’m in the beta as far as the hub itself goes, but have very few Z-Wave devices compared to Zigbee so I’m assuming that’s why I am still on 3.83. Or, are my assumptions out in left field? :slight_smile:

(Zach Varberg) #53

We will explicitly communicate with users who we select for the Z-Wave fw update. So if you haven’t been contacted by a dev about it, you aren’t in it yet. And yes, that protocol version would be 4.54 instead if you had received the update.

(Kianoosh Karami) #54

If any of the beta users are interested in updating the firmware on the Z-Wave radio which has shown to improve stability and user experience, please feel free to let me know.

I will try to setup a time with you to remotely initiate the firmware update of the Z-Wave Radio and monitor the activity afterwards to ensure everything goes well.


Hub Firmware Beta 0.20.12

What is a DA device in the optional “Hub 0.20.X DA pairing testing” task list? Thanks.


Should the mobile app work via WiFi when the Internet is down? I’m curios about the “Verify Local Automation executes from mobile app” in the “Hub 0.20.X Simulated Local Devices” optional task list. Last time I tried disconnecting the Internet my mobile app wouldn’t connect to the hub. Thanks.

(jkp) #57

Samsung digital appliance I believe

(Zach Varberg) #58

The mobile app does not currently connect and work with the hub without internet access for both. Adding that functionality is a common request and something that is on our radar. For that task you just need to verify that the automation continues to function as you use it. If graph displays the execution location as “local” that means it is running on the hub, even though for actuating via the mobile app you need internet connection. We just want to verify that it works regardless of how you actuate the device.

Here is the list of Samsung Digital Appliances (DA devices) that you could test with if you have them.

(Zach Varberg) #59

We will be pushing out a small update some time today. See Hub Firmware Beta 0.20.12 for the release notes.

(John P. Hoke) #60

When .12 comes out should we repeat the testing done for .11 already or was the change unrelated to the testing done for .11?