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Hub Firmware Beta 0.20.11

(Zach Varberg) #21

Yeah, I saw your other thread and I passed it on to some cloud devs to take a look at.


Thanks. It’s truly a bizarre one.

From the Marketplace I can see all My SmartApps as well.

(Jimmy) #23

What time does this start rolling out today?


I just went ahead and logged off and back on to IDE and all returned to normal, both SmartApps and Device Handlers are all displayed for my account.

Would be nice to know what the root cause of this was though. Portions of two separate accounts shown within the same Login. Fyi that test account was created over a month ago and not an account I have logged into since then. :slight_smile:

Anyway - Let them know it’s resolved. If they found and did something to correct it, have one of them let me know if you can. Thanks again for escalating it to them.

(Mark) #25

Thanks for clarifying.

(jkp) #26

20.11 has arrived!!

(Joel W) #27

What is your location, I haven’t gotten it yet. I am on the Eastern Seaboard.

(jkp) #28

May be by shard. Same location. I am on NA01

(Joel W) #29

So am I but no update as of yet. I usually get it in the morning.

(Zach Varberg) #30

We have started rolling out to everyone in the beta. You should be getting it over the next hour or two.

(Joel W) #31

Thank you Zach.

(Alex) #32

@Zach_Varberg - my hub received the update however it was stuck as DISCONNECTED. I tried to reboot it via the IDE and it did not work. I remotely cut power to it and it immediately went to INACTIVE. Soon after restoring power it went to ACTIVE.

(Zach Varberg) #33

So is it functioning now? We have seen some uncommon issues in the past where after an update we require a power cycle to reconnect to the cloud.

For further issues, whether a part of the update process, or with the new firmware please report them in centercode as it is far easier for us to track bug reports there than to scan back through old posts in the community.

(Alex) #34

It seems to be working now. I will post a slew of unusual events reported by the hub in Centercode in case they are indicative of something.

(Steve White) #35

And a very significant one at that. The tolerance for and handling of lost messages has cut the number of power cycle events per day from 100’s (1k’s last week) to an almost immeasurable amount, maybe as high as 2-3 per day.

I haven’t had to build a SmartLighting rule in a while, but I did notice that you can use triggers from Smoke, CO, and Leak detectors in SL now. Is that something recently added, or have I just overlooked that for a while?

Yes to all of that! I’ve been running this since last Friday and can personally say based on my experience since, this update plus the Z-Wave firmware update, have pretty much fixed all of these issues. The added benefit from reducing the errors, power cycles, and other events is a significant boost in Z-wave device responsiveness, at least on large Z-networks like mine.

(Joel W) #36

Removed, as question has been answered.

(Brad) #37

Does it discover in the Smart Home app?

(Jimmy) #38

yeah, in both smart home and connect app.

(Ricci Hoffer) #39

It found my R7090. It hung up on the Samsung Home screen for a little bit, an error came up for a second and then the Thing page came up. No luck on my KS8000 TV. Both are in my phantom location from the account migration beta.

(Jimmy) #40

this is after the beta and they didn’t work before? :crossed_fingers: