Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

(Bernie H) #383

Had an issue popup yesterday and not sure if it’s firmware or something else. Lost a bunch of my sensors a quick reset of each device brought it back online. This happened twice in 12 hours. Logs show the following. Plus 14 more zbjoin at the same time. Anyone have any clue whats going on? Thanks.

2017-06-21 3:41:41.257 AM EDT
7 hours ago HUB zbjoin: {“dni”:“2A52”,“d”:“000D6F000A92FCB2”,“capabilities”:“8E”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:"01 0104 010 zbjoin: {“dni”:“2A52”,“d”:"00… zbjoin: {“dni”:“2A52”,“d”:“000D6F000A92FCB2”,“capabilities”:“8E”,“endpoints”:[{“simple”:"01 0104 0100 00 08 0000 0003 0004 000…
2017-06-21 3:41:41.104 AM EDT
7 hours ago HUB hubStatus zw_radio_on
2017-06-21 3:41:41.099 AM EDT
7 hours ago HUB hubStatus zb_radio_on
2017-06-21 3:41:41.094 AM EDT
7 hours ago HUB hubInfo hardwareID:000D, version:13, … hardwareID:000D, version:13, mac:D0:52:A8:63:36:9A, localip:, localSrvPortTCP:39500, localSrvPortUDP:0, zigbeeFWM…
2017-06-21 3:41:41.075 AM EDT
7 hours ago HUB ENTITY_UPDATE HubUpdated Hub ‘House Hub’ updated

(Kevin) #385

Did you pull back a recent beta firmware update and go back to .11 on v2 hubs?

(Nick Stevens) #386

We do have a firmware beta right now, but nothing was rolled back. What did you observe that makes you ask?

There is beta discussion going on at Hub Firmware 18.x Beta right now too.

(Kevin) #387

I could have sworn I saw it go back to .11 - I just looked and it’s 000.018.00015 - I’ve had a few devices I had to reset and also Smartlighting I had to click DONE again to reset a rule… my device batteries seem to have gotten drastically lower all of a sudden and I saw 2 cases where after a refresh the battery at 1% jumped back to 33%…

(Kevin) #388

Here’s example of battery before and after refresh…just happened…

(Nick Stevens) #389

It may have been a caching issue with the mobile app or IDE - I checked logs for the update server and your Hub only pulled the update once.

The device battery changes are easier to explain - this Hub update also included device firmware updates, and the update itself can cause some battery drain. A lot of times the battery will recover some voltage after the update is done, leading to the change you saw.

(Kevin) #390

No worries… I see the firmware on that device updated at 4:57AM EDT yesterday… since that time I saw the battery 1% and refresh to 33% happen three times (including this morning)…

(DavidK) #391

Yes, had the same issue with smartthings multi-sense batteries.

Right after upgrade went to 1% the. Up then back down

(Nick Stevens) #392

@Kevin_Prefer @professordave - since these are 18.x beta issues, let take this over to Hub Firmware 18.x Beta

(Joel W) #393

My batteries said low, so replaced with new ones and they say 67% which is wrong. I contacted support for Beta.

(Nick Stevens) #394

Hi @joelw135 - please take this over to Hub Firmware 18.x Beta

(Nick Stevens) #397

I’m going to close down this topic since the 17.x beta has been closed for quite some time. Please use the 18.x beta link above. Thanks!

(Nick Stevens) #398

(Tim Slagle) #399

Hey everyone,

Please make sure to sign up for the new beta program. We want to have a good group and we see we missed some of you guys.

Please sign-up here!