Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

(Joel W) #363

Thanks, OK now. Gave me a scare.

(Neal ( / #364

Received an update here as well. No issues so far.

(Wayne) #365

All good here nothing to report today. I did have a big issue yesterday with over 50 devices dropping off the mesh but I’m not attributing to the beta as I’ve seen it before.

(Joel W) #366

This is strange, I had been having a problem with an unsupported Commercial Electric Zigbee High hat with it going off line every few minutes. Now it is staying online. If it wasn’t from the firmware, maybe the firmware flush some how fixed it. The truth is I don’t care as it is working now.

(EinarS) #367

Using @ady624 awesome web CoRE i now send my self a sms when it is opening and closing.
Give it a couple of days to se if the problem is gone.
Thx for working on this,

(Jeffrey) #368

all good here so far - never even noticed when it happened.

(Steve White) #369

I’m afraid I see no change in this release. Going to night mode via Goodnight routine last night caused several devices not to switch with the event logs indicating a Z-Wave power cycle occurred. All devices are individually controllable without any issues.

(Dan Fox) #370

As far as I can tell, no problems. I didn’t even notice the update happened until I checked version #.

(Brian Diehl) #371

No issues here. Can’t really tell there was an update.

(Joe) #372

I had to reboot for the app to show the new version ide showed it correctly.

(Joe) #373

Me either went really smooth. Wouldn’t have known if I didn’t get an email.

(Nick Stevens) #374

First off, I’d like to again thank everyone who signed up for this firmware beta, and for all the great feedback we’ve received.

In the coming days we’ll be moving to release hub firmware 17.11 to the broader SmartThings customer base. Again, thanks to beta testers, we have high confidence that any showstopper issues have been flushed out, and that we’ve resolved a lot of device-related issues. We also know that there were issues that you all experienced that we have not gotten a satisfactory resolution on. The team has made the hard decision that the benefits of the 17.x core outweigh the remaining known issues. I want to be clear that we’re not abandoning these bug reports in the slightest - instead, it’s a case where we want to get all the other improvements out to the broader codebase so that we can focus more energy on the bugs that haven’t already been fixed.

That said, if there are issues that you feel are showstopper severity, and new since the introduction of 17.x, please speak up so that we can address them ASAP.

(Joel W) #375

Will our hubs be reflashed with the release version, or we are staying with this?

(Nick Stevens) #376

One of the cool things about the new update scheme is that it is immutable. Even though everyone in this group went through a number of 17.x releases, they will be at the exact same place as people who are just doing the migration from 16.x to 17.x for the first time. So you are already on the release version - we’re just promoting it to a larger audience now :smiley:

(Jeffrey) #377

No major issues on my side - all seems to be working quite well. Did have a piston about an hour late last night but that’s cloud stuff not hub.

I have had one thing that I can’t confirm if it’s only been on 17 as I think it may have happened on last 16 update I was on. After a hub update my Aeon home energy meter stops talking to the hub. I have to unplug the Aeon and plug it back in and its fine.

I will say the app alerted me this evening saying the device was unresponsive so I really enjoyed that as I didn’t even notice.

(EinarS) #378

No problems seen after update.
Is there a way to filter hub events?
After updates this log is crowded and time consuming to scroll in.

(Hendre) #379

What you experienced are alarmingly similar to the issues I’ve been experiencing with my hub for the past few days. My Z-Wave module shows as “Non-functional” in the IDE and the hub only works for an hour, before devices stop responding. And it seems to be mostly multifunctional devices which are having the issue.
Did the replacement hub resolve your issues?

(Ed Meredith) #380

Yes. The replacement hub has worked fine since I received it and I have had no issues since.

(Hendre) #381

Thank you - good to hear. Any warnings / watch-outs regarding the migration process apart from the how-to’s on the forum?

(Ed Meredith) #382

Nothing out of the ordinary. I would suggest that you do the setup either by device type or by room to simplify the process and expedite it. I have found it easier to set up all of the same devices at one time than to go around room to room.