Hub does not support edge drivers?

This is for v2, v3, and Aeotec Smart Home Hubs, yours is SmartThings Wi-Fi and you’re still in the version 43, this is a fix for the v45

Thanks. Yeah. I see that but was hoping the fix for Wifi Hubs would be coming soon as well.

The team keeps investigating but I already mentioned to them there’s another case about this, so they are aware of the impact. Sorry for the confusion.

Any update on this? I have not heard anything from Engineering or support. Thanks. I would really like to get my devices working.

Same here. None of our automations work anymore. It is getting frustrating now, knowing that we have a device plugged in that does not do anything anymore.
I do understand the team is working on a fix, but how did we lose functionality of the device in the first place? It worked OK after the update, and then it suddenly stopped. It’s basically semi-bricked.

Seriously unacceptable. Just roll back the devices to the previous state when everything worked fine while you figure this out.

Are we the only two people using the WiFi hubs as SmartThings hubs? That can’t be the case.


Any update on this? My hub is still not working and I have no answers from ST.

Still getting this error.

? Select a driver to install. 2
Error: Request failed with status code 400:
r”:{“code”:“BadRequestError”,“message”:“Hub (SmartThings Hub) does not
support edge drivers”,“details”:}}
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Hi, @Its2loud
Sorry for the delay. I already pinged the team again to get more info. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.

Hello Nayelyz,
Hope all is well at your end.
Would appreciate an update on this issue.

We are at a point where, if our devices cannot be made to work properly again, we have to ask your team to provide us with suitable devices to replace the ones that failed.
It’s been a month with no resolution on this issue and, considering the amount invested into this system, automation, sensors and other peripherals, it is the time for your team to come forward with options for us.
I hope you understand our frustration with this situation.

Good luck with that.

I understand your frustration but Samsung makes no warranty or guarantee for compatibility on any ongoing basis. You don’t have a support contract. Your purchase of the hub and any Samsung devices was only bound by their limited warranty for manufacturing defects, and that was at most 1 year from date of purchase.

Not trying to defend Samsung here, its super odd that people are having trouble installing edge drivers on hubs (I have 3 v2 hubs and all take Edge drivers just fine) but saying they owe you anything isn’t going to get you anywhere.

The best you can do is keep trying support, or give up and change to a different platform. Hubitat is popular and works well.

Except that Samsung pushed an update or some firmware update that broke the devices. Regardless of warranty, this is not acceptable business practice unless the consumers were informed ahead of time that such an update would make their devices not work. This was not the case.

I would agree, but you don’t have much of a recourse. The cloud could be taken down at any time rendering the entire system dead and users would have no recourse. What are you going to do, sue? Perhaps you won’t buy Samsung products again and that’s a personal choice.

People get all up in arms about this stuff. I don’t get it. Sure, it sucks if my $0 monthly support cost system no longer functions, but life goes on. At some point you cut your losses, take your devices to another platform. Lots to choose from.

If it was me - I would reset the hub and wipe out everything. It is strange how you have the two hubs listed after your first reset. I have never suggested to anyone before to reset their hub but it is probably warranted in this case. You may want to work with ST support if you choose that option to ensure you are starting fresh and have no lingering stuff.

The cloud is already being taken down, hence the move to Edge drivers. To which it was assured by Samsung that v2, v3, and WiFi hubs would be making the transition and supported.

WiFi hubs were working with Edge drivers prior to Oct 10, 2022.

This is issue has to affect more than two people. I’m sure the number of active users who pay attention to this integration are small and even smaller who use ST WiFi and actually try to manually install Edge drivers on their hubs.

@nayelyz , any updated info you can provide here is greatly appreciated as myself and others affected will need to make a decision on how to move forward once the Groovy platform is goodnighted.


Anyone that bought a combo WiFi router and smart home hub should have replaced it years ago anyway. Why in the world would you want to marry those two functions into a single device/platform?

SmartThings+WiFi combo device support has clearly been spotty, lagged behind the other hubs, and has been hit or miss at best. I would have ditched it already. Or I would use the WiFi unit for routing and wireless, and add a V2 or V3 SmartThings hub as the zwave/zigbee/edge unit. They’re cheap used on eBay. $25 solves your issue.

Already been done, several times.

The second hub showing up has now disappeared. I assume ST support fixed that issue but has not fixed the Edge driver issue.

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Hi folks. I’ve been helping look into this issue and I was wondering if you all could provide me some additional information to help with further debugging. Would any anyone experiencing this issue with the Samsung Connect Home or SmartThings Wifi hubs please DM me the serial number of their device as well as enable support access to your account so we can check some additional info on the hub? You can enabled the support access with the steps below. (pinging @Its2loud and @ecobiax since I know they have both been seeing the issue)

  1. Go to SmartThings Web (
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select the Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm (a month is preferred)

For some additional context for folks, I actually daily drive a SmartThings Wifi and it is my primary router/hub and mine, as well as a few others I have looked at, do not experience the same issue. So it is a bit harder to pin down than it may appear as it is not an issue that is straightforward and impacting all of these hubs.


Hi Michael, I just DM’d you. Thanks for helping to resolve this issue.

@nayelyz i have problem to install edge drivers

Ive tried few options from the post above, im not sure which one was relevent to my problem

Im getting below error,


BadRequestError: Hub (SmartThings Hub) does not support edge drivers

Can you help me with this.

My hub was working fine untill recently i tried to reset to new account since then it not scanning any devices.
I dont have option to change drivers or update.

It is smarthings wifi hub with version 1.7.04

Hi, @Harriott_Street! It seems your device is similar to the one of @Its2loud and @ecobiax, so, please send your info to Michael as requested here:

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