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Hub and ALL Devices Gone?!?!

(jkp) #41

You can modify devices in the new app and assign them to rooms. That should get your missing devices into rooms on the Classic app for you to control.

(Jason) #42

Thanks for the feedback.

That’s what I’ve done for short term band aid but still doesn’t resolve the overall issue especially the not functioning with Alexa (all that matters to my wife).

(jkp) #43

Contact ST support if you haven’t already done so at https://support.smartthings.xom

(Mike Bishop) #44

Just encountered the same thing. I have two identically-named locations, and the default one has no data. After switching manually, it works again. However, the new-and-empty location can’t be deleted from the app or the web site.

(jkp) #45

try #2 in the following thread