So, I was told to upgrade to the new app. Now my Smart things is a BRICK!!!
I had my house automated using the Smartthings hub. I have a couple of Amazon Dots working with it and created several custom scripts to work with my XBee devices.
I also have three Samsung smarttv’s that I was connecting to. I also had both a Samsung account and a Smartthings account.
Everything was great until I upgraded to the new app.
Now NOTHING WORKS. All my customizations went away. Samsung ruined my entire setup!!!
I called their help desk and spent and hour and half on line with them trying to get this piece of shit hub to come back on line. The stupid app wouldn’t find the damn Smarttings hub.
I even bought a new Smarttv and had to return it as well as the screwed up the sound.
Samsung in my opinion sucks. Never trust them!!!


Good news is that you can continue using the SmartThings Classic app. The migration from a SmartThings account to Samsung account does allow you to use the STSC app but also the Classic. Just select New to SmartThings when you login on the Classic app and select Samsung to login. :slight_smile:

If you have any issues after the account migration, read the following thread…

Hope this helps get you back on track!


Well i’m just glad you are taking a nice level headed approach to this problem…


Um, you really can’t “upgrade” to the new app. You can use either.

The upgrade is a switch from a account to a account. But even after you convert to a Samsung account, the Classic App works just fine.


wish I could heat my house with this rage


WHO told you to “upgrade”?

I’m genuinely interested. The folks here in this Community and the SmartThings Users Group on Facebook, heartily and consistently recommend not upgrading (with certain few exceptions)


I’m a heavy Classic app user - and it’s getting much harder to not upgrade, because Samsung isn’t approving new devices for the Classic app. I just got a new stove and thermostats that only work with the new app. (The manufacturers don’t provide an API, so building a DTH for the Classic app is out of the question)
I’m running both apps concurrently, but if I want to use any new Smartthings appliances, I have to use the new app. I don’t see things getting better for people that use the classic app.

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We will definitely miss it when it’s gone.


Samsung’s words not mine…It’s hardly an “upgrade” going to the new app. It’s more like moving to Beta software.

Bryan, you miss the point. The old Classic App does not work with the old account. Everything that I configured there was GONE!! It was blown away. Even the Samsung help desk couldn’t bring it back!!
The new app couldn’t see the Hub, nor could the old app. The little green light indicated the hub was working but neither app could find it. The hub is still sitting there with it’s little green light on doing nothing. Oh and after an hour and a half with the help desk they said they would have one of their senior support people call…You guessed it…No call ever.
As I said this is piece of junk. I’m going to go back to using my Raspberry PI systems and chaulk this up to another company trying to set themselves up as an Open Source home automation system when they are anything but. They even abandoned the Smartthings shield which was a good little add on to the Arduino for open source development in home automation.
You can’t trust Samsung if you plan on using anything for a while. They will change it on a whim and it will be a brick!!


I did this and Samsung blew everything that I had stored on my Smartthings account away. Totally gone.
Nice try but no cigar.

It doesn’t work that way for most people. ( i’m not saying it didn’t happen to you, I’m just saying that there are many people who are able to use a new Samsung account with the classic app without losing any of their information.)

What does commonly happen, however, is that when the new Samsung account is created, a new, empty “location” is created on your account, and that is also set to be the default.

So many people have reported that after being upgraded to the new Samsung account their hub and all devices “disappeared.” But it turned out they really were still there, they were just on a different location.

This issue and the solution is discussed in the community FAQ on the new accounts:

It sounds like what may have happened is that you got a support person who had no idea what they were doing and gave you the wrong advice. Unfortunately, that has been happening more often since last November when apparently they shifted more of the support work to the general Samsung group. Which is, indeed, enraging and awful. It’s just that the issue is not the new app deleting anything. It’s actually adding new stuff, but then also changing your defaults.

Of course it’s also possible that in your case it was a glitch that actually did delete stuff. You never know. :scream:

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I very much agree with you. I’ve been doing home automation for 30 years now. Started with the BSR X-10, MisterHouse, etc. I was encouraged when I first saw the classic app and the proposed things you could do with it. I was a little leary of the “closed approach” of having to go through their web site to install drivers and customized code. I’ve been down that road with others but I thought that it might be OK. Wow was I wrong. They just pulled the same stunt as other manufacturers when they claim to be open source, get you using it, then flip to a proprietary new software approach. This just becoming another “consumer” targetted system. You’ll have to use only what Samsung will let you use.
If you really want to have an open source home automation system then Samsung is definitely not the way to go.
Don’t get me started on what they have done with their “open source” smarttv’s…


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Hi Terry:
The Samsung Help Desk…I wouldn’t have voluntarily “migrated” if it hadn’t been for them. Remember I had everything working just fine before this happened. My hub was integrated with my Amazon echo’s, with Wemo and with my wifi thermostats. I had no reason to “migrate” to the new app.
I’m not kidding when I say that it was Samsung’s fault on this.
And as I said elsewhere I spent over an hour and a half on the phone with the Samsung helpdesk and at the end of the day this hub is still a brick.


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I think we found the source of global warming…


Or is it the source of the WInter Vortex - it’s awfully COLD!

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SmartThings never claimed to be “open source”.

In fact, officially, they have never told any non-developer customers to ever even login to the IDE (and the overwhelming majority of customers have never logged into the IDE, never pasted in code, and never written code).

The only feature inconsistent with this is the GitHub integration - it implied an easy way to share code - though even that was not the purpose of the feature. (The purpose was for a developer to use GitHub for personal version control while they are developing).

In other words, a few thousand (out of a million) customers used the product in a way that was never intended nor promoted, and now a few of those are complaining about the platform becoming more like what it always was intended to be?


Well… we do have the SmartThingsPublic github repository which is labeled as "SmartThings open-source DeviceTypeHandlers and SmartApps code”

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Yup. Certainly created and authorized by founding staff. Probably long gone or, more likely, Samsung doesn’t even know it’s there.

Open source for groovy add-ons isn’t the same thing as open source for the platform cloud itself, though. :wink:


“they have never told any non-developer customers” and in the beginning (when I signed up as a developer) they definitely were touting open source. The Arduino Thingshield is a perfect example of their “open source” direction. Terry is definitely right.
Also, remember that the founder of Samsung made it quite clear that the company approach was to foster open source. They said that about their TV’s as well and basically all the Samsung products.