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Hub and ALL Devices Gone?!?!

(Matt) #21

Mine looks like yours, says SmartThings in the upper left hand corner beyond what you grabbed with that screen shot.

(Jimmy) #22

what happens if you login with your samsung account using the different password?

(Robin) #23

A while back my ST login kept pushing me to the ‘enter your code’ page instead of password… it was also asking me to register for a Samsung Account.

I created a Samsung Account (with the same email) and after that, when trying to log in to my ST account I was constantly being pushed into my (blank) Samsung Account.

Support were able to fix it so that I was offered a choice between ST and Samsung Login, as it was before.

But as you’ve re-used your activation code you might have gone further than they recover.


See if you can spot this:

(Matt) #25

Coming back to this after vacation…

So, I’ve accepted that I need to rebuild the network.

But I can’t seem to to make any existing devices reconnect to the network. New ones, no problem.

I haven’t tested extensively after having issues with the first two devices, but is there anything I should know about re-adding devices that were never previously excluded?

(Robin) #26

Every device that wasn’t excluded from a previous network will need a factory reset before they can be re-included… process is different for each device type so you’ll need to refer to the manuals.

(Mike Shea Jr) #27

I am having the exact same issue. It has to be related to the new smartthings android app. It is the only thing that changed for me.

(Matt) #28

Yup. It’s absolute crap too.

The problem is that it seems to be a combination of factory reset and exclusion from the Hub and I can’t seem to figure it out. Add to that the fact that several of the devices are installed somewhere in the house and need to be brought closer to properly pair with the hub.

I’ll be perfectly honest, this has entirely turned me off from the Hub and changed it from a recommend to a do no recommend.

Customer support was useless. It’s 2018 and having no way to back up the system is BS. I’m extremely disappointed in the product and in the money that I’ve spent.

(Kevin Teevan) #29

Just had the same thing happen to me. Had to do a factory reset of my phone last week, and first time I opened smartthings app it was empty except for my phone and a Samsung soundbar I have.

Anyone ever figure this out?

Update 10 minutes later - got it to work, I had the multiple hub issue in the app when I only have 1 hub… Once I switched it was fine. But have to figure out how to get rid of that…


I have the exact same problem. V2 classic hub, opened account in 2018, smart things classic app.

Things were great until this morning when all my devices and hub are missing?!?

I emailed support, so please take a look.

(Jimmy) #31

Go to the more menu and tap the drop down next to your hub’s name and check for another location.

(Matt) #32

OK. I’m going to take one more try on this, but have a few questions.

What’s the difference between the two apps on my phone, the new one and the old? Do I need both? Is one easier to use than the other?

Is there any way that I can nuke all old known relationships between hub and devices? I’ve been having a hell of a time getting each of them to reset.

Is there any way to back all this up yet?

(Clayton Lamb) #33

This has happened to me twice now in 3 weeks. The only things that don’t disappear are my Fridge, Phone, Nest, and Rachio. All my lights, security and switches are gone. Trying to figure out what is actually wrong before I spend hours setting everything back up.

(specter) #34

It’s unfortunate that there does not seem to be an easy way to resolve this issue. The exact same thing happened to me a few says ago: the hub and everything connected to it disappeared.

(Jimmy) #35

There is an easy way: check for a duplicate location in your app. Also login to and see how many locations you have under the locations tab

(Matt) #36

Sure, that’s the easy way to resolve it. If your problem is caused by multiple locations.

Not what caused my problem, or several other people here’s problem.

(Jimmy) #37

well you reset your hub, so nothing can be done when that happens.


I have had the same thing happen to me. I noticed my things were missing from the app, with the exception of my thermostat, I logged into the Smartthings site and it shows that “You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.” And of course the App tells me that the Welcome code is already registered. WTH happened?

(Jimmy) #39

Go to the locations tab of the website and see how many there are

(Jason) #40

Ok I have now fallen into this issue. I only have one location and have not reset my hub. Already have called support who has been working on it for a week now with nothing fixed. Any other advice that hasn’t been offered? My devices are missing in the classic app and IDE but appear In the new app. All routines and such still run and I can control the devices in new app but Alexa does not control devices either.

What’s really weird is that in the classic app I can go under rooms and my devices are listed there and are capable of being controlled. Which is fine but any device that not has been moved into a room cannot be controlled and still no control in IDE whatsoever.