All devices and Automations gone

About 3 days ago all my devices and automation disappeared from my app as well as my SO (she did not disappear, just the devices in her app). I have tried all the common troubleshooting items, clear cache, clear data, reinstall app, restarted phone, pulled batteries and power from the hub, rebooted my whole home network. App still has no devices or automation. All autos still appear to be working (lights turn on and off, doors lock and unlock, etc.). I have put in a ticket. They had me give them permission on the web app (which I did not even know existed so at least something positive right?). I figured I would share my issue in case someone here can help while I am waiting on support. Thank you in advance for your time.

When you login to IDE… does your hub, location and devices show there?

Only one location?

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Yes to all. Hub, 1 location, devices, and automations.

Interesting… I was almost expecting nothing there. And at … Do they show there?

What phones do both of you have?

Empty except for the rooms I added/created. FYI, that is the web app thing I did not know about before today. If I can get it working again is at least one positive.

Perhaps it is something with the rooms you created that is causing it? Or an isolated device that is no longer assigned to a room? Is your hub assigned to a room? Or you had created those previously?

I created those rooms years ago. I have not moved any devices to new rooms. I cannot remember if the hub is in a room. I cannot find that in IDE.

Made any changes or added anything recently? Which hub do you have?

I used to play around a lot with the system adding devices (virtual and physical), adding apps, adding automations, but I stopped messing with it more than a year ago (work got a lot busier). Not sure about the hub, it says v2 US.

I can’t think of anything off hand so hopefully others might have know of something. If you are working with support, they will figure it out.

Thank you for trying. :slight_smile:

keep us informed if they resolve it and provide you with details on the cause.

WIll do. The last communication I got from them was they are investigating.

Just curious… do any of your devices display Placeholder as the Device Type in IDE?

Yes. Two phones and 2 ring cameras.