How to send a PM message

(Wesley) #1

How do I send a PM message to someone


As a new forum member, you can’t. That’s to avoid spammers signing up for the forum and then sending a bunch of annoying private messages.

Once you’ve been a community member for a little while, have read posts, have written some posts, etc., your “trust level” goes up and then you will be able to send private messages.

Just don’t send any to me. :wink:


This make it hard to PM @robinwinbourne to verify user account when creating an account for CoRE. Thanks for posting saved me the time and trouble.

(Robin) #4

Thanks, I’ve verified your webCoRE profile… process is there to ensure that users don’t pick an established name on this forum, keeps things in sync and keeps names available for the original ‘owners’ to use should they choose to sign up.

For those that cannot send PM’s to me, I initiate a PM from my side within a few weeks of users signing up… I’ve got a nice little system going which automates most of the process :slight_smile:


Sweet, I totally get the reason for the process. I figured my name was not an important one so it would get figured out eventually.

Just an outsiders observation/experience if you put mention of this process in the request for the PM it would help cut down confusion. Although confusion is what got this conversation started, so I also see the good reason not to. Either way, thanks.

(Robin) #6

Fair point, I could certainly describe the process better on the sign-up page and wiki.

All names are important to someone, I use software to rip the complete ST user-list once a month (only publicly available usernames) and then another piece of software to compare that list against the WC list… so no names get missed, if they match across forums they get flagged for verification.

(Rich) #7

Any change you can verify me as well @RobinWinbourne? :slight_smile:

(Robin) #8

done… maybe I’ll create an official public topic for the purpose, guess a lot of people find themselves having to wait a month for me to initiate from my side… might be why I’m PM’ing 100+ users a month lol

Waiting doesn’t stop people posting etc. but it does leave them with an orange flag until verified.


(Robin) #9

(Kevin Wilhelm ) #10

Hello RobinWinbourne,
I’m writing to comply with your reguest to send you PM notification that I’m using the same username (dirtdog) on both SmartThings and webcore… I didn’t have an account for either until tonight… when I signed up for webcore I responded that I wasn’t using the same name because I wasn’t a member an hour or so later I created a SmartThings account as well. Having recently retired from 30 years Naval Aviation, I now have time 2 actually work/play with smarthome automation projects… I probably won’t have much to offer in the way of experience because I am new/just beginning. I’ve installed a lot of devices/ sensors, but just now beginning to learn how to automate
Kevin Wilhelm