How to send a PM message

How do I send a PM message to someone

As a new forum member, you can’t. That’s to avoid spammers signing up for the forum and then sending a bunch of annoying private messages.

Once you’ve been a community member for a little while, have read posts, have written some posts, etc., your “trust level” goes up and then you will be able to send private messages.

Just don’t send any to me. :wink:


This make it hard to PM @anon36505037 to verify user account when creating an account for CoRE. Thanks for posting saved me the time and trouble.

Sweet, I totally get the reason for the process. I figured my name was not an important one so it would get figured out eventually.

Just an outsiders observation/experience if you put mention of this process in the request for the PM it would help cut down confusion. Although confusion is what got this conversation started, so I also see the good reason not to. Either way, thanks.

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Any change you can verify me as well @anon36505037? :slight_smile:

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Hello [deleted],
I’m writing to comply with your reguest to send you PM notification that I’m using the same username (dirtdog) on both SmartThings and webcore… I didn’t have an account for either until tonight… when I signed up for webcore I responded that I wasn’t using the same name because I wasn’t a member an hour or so later I created a SmartThings account as well. Having recently retired from 30 years Naval Aviation, I now have time 2 actually work/play with smarthome automation projects… I probably won’t have much to offer in the way of experience because I am new/just beginning. I’ve installed a lot of devices/ sensors, but just now beginning to learn how to automate
Kevin Wilhelm

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New webCoRE profile using the same name

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I’m a new CoRE user using my same ST name. If I knew what a “PM” was and how to send it I would gladly do that for verification. I find it annoying that a posting titled “How to send a PM message” doesn’t seem to have any information on what PM is or how to send one. Anyway, this is my attempt at verification.

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@anon36505037 could you please verify me? I’m new on both forums.

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Hi. I am a new WebCore user trying to logon. My email/userid is The WebCore forum has indicate that you cannot send a confirmation email and that you can override the email/verification process. Please activate my WebCore account.

Thank you,

John Vowell

Is this where I reply to get webCoRE verification?

IanThomas77 user name on ST Forum for verification

Not sure if I am doing this right?



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Hello Robin

My user name is scarson email:

Please verify this is me.

Thank You
Steven Carson

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Im trying to reach Micheal-ST to send my hub detials so he look into it… i have recently login to this community

Can you register me please