Spam - ugh

Hey, cool! Julie Oumar (user julie123 here on the forums) wants to be friends and has led a love-starved life. (So sad.) Though she’s not sure she will stay on these forums for a very long time (hmm, wonder why?) she thoughtfully gave me her email address so I can contact her for pictures, a full intro, and probably true love.

Has anyone else received one of these? (I want to know if my girl is being true.)

What steps are the SmartThings admins taking to minimize this sort of thing?


I’m thinking of emailing her.  I’ve led a love starved life myself.  Of course, I’ll have to make sure my wife doesn’t find out.

Yup I got one today too, what a sweet girl…

We’re going to implement some stricter controls on registration to prevent this fun in the future :slight_smile:

Our policy is to allow only the most charming spambots to join our community, so a warm hello to Julie. And a swift goodbye, the offending account has been removed.

Seriously though, it has clearly become more of an issue recently, so we’ve bumped up in the backlog the implementation of a human check - CAPTCHA or math challenge - to the registration form. We’re aiming for first of the week to have it in place, right ahead of Le Web (we’re expecting to get quite a few new members here and want to be ready to welcome them!) and I’ll be sure to follow up here once it’s done.

We’ll also take a look into this particular incident to be sure that it was nothing more than a spambot that was able to get an account easily.

If the human check doesn’t catch all of the spam, there are definitely other approaches we can take. Including involving members of the community that are willing to help flag and remove spam as they see it.

Please pardon our dust, it will get better!


Now it’s “abel” who wants to establish a good relationship with me.

Got a message from Mery this morning :

Hello how are you?

My name is mery,i am a female,and i became interested in you when i saw your profile( i will like to established a good relationship with you.if you will not mind kindly get to me through my email ( so that i will tell you more about me and alsogive you my pictures, i have a special reason to contact you.hoping to hear from you soonestyours new friend meryPLEASE REPLY NOW WITH THIS EMAIL ADDRESS ( IN THIS SITE OTHERWISE I WONT RECIEVE IT.AM WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY AT MY PRIVATE MAIL BOX”

Making progress on this front is top priority for our community developer today. We’ll follow up here as soon as possible with more details.

I know it’s frustrating. Thanks for your patience.

I thought these messages were a service of SmartThings.  Not only do they provide a great product, but as a special service to their customers they also help them find long term, lasting relationships!

Its all the perks of being a developer

Hi all … Just got a lovely note from monicaweah … Flagged it as inappropriate.

Hello Dear,
my name is Monica,i saw your profile today and i became interested to contact you, please if you are interesting to know me,
kindly contact me with this email address(
so that i will tell you more about me and my photo as well,also in have something important to tell you,
please contact me direct
to my in box. ( don’t write me on ( will not check it again.

Also getting lots of spam messages.

I’ve been marking a spam message from ‘grant’ whose name is summer and she doesn’t log on to often but manages to spam me anyways three different times now.

I’ve been contacted by Summer and Monica!

I’ve still got that thing with Julie going from 2012 as well… Hard enough keeping her secret from my wife. Now I’ve got to keep her and Julie in the dark about Summer and Monica. This is getting stressful. If SmartThings doesn’t get this spam stuff fixed soon I’m going to end up with dozens of women I have to keep secret from each other! Ugh!