SMS / Email Alerts

Hey Guys
Thanks so much for ya help so far to the n00b that I am atm…

When I create a webcore piston or rule to send me an email or sms when something specific happens it doesn’t work :frowning: do I need to set something up somewhere for this to work? What am I doing wrong as this would be so handy

Thanks again


Can you share more about your piston configuration? And what is the “something” in “when something happens”?

You could also try Rule Engine which has support for email and SMS.

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Yes, a GREEN snapshot of your piston would help considerably.

Just to be sure you’re aware of the changes to SMS, especially if you’re not in the USA…

It was just a basic piston to see what the SMS / Emails would look like… ok so I understand SMS has been stopped for people outside the US like me, but also emails aren’t working either?

Is that the only piston you have tried? The trigger in the piston you posted is not a good test for sending an email message because the hub power source is not that reliable. You may want to test by creating a piston that uses a trigger such as - if a switch changes to on/off then send an email message or use a time trigger, every day at blah blah, send an email message. So as a test, use anything else as a trigger and report your results.

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