Hub for sale

Received as a gift and dont need it already have one.

$50 for the hub with power and network cable

I’m interested. Payment and shipping method?

PayPal and usps for payment and ship

PM me with your email and I will send you a invoice

Sorry Mike, my first time on the forum here as a new user. Is there a way to PM on the forum, or how should i reach you externally?

Click his username above and click Message.

Thanks Tyler, but I don’t see that option in the pop-out on his or on yours. I just see some profile attributes (basic, anniversary, reader, # of posts in topic) and the ability to click on the username to go directly to their profile page. I don’t see any PM option from the profile page either.

Am I missing something right in front of my face? :blush:

Big blue rectangle

It’s probably your forum status. They limit the messaging you can do until you’ve been around for a little while. Like you can’t put links into posts yet, or probably PM. It’s to limit spambots. Since you joined less than an hour ago, you’re still on new person status.

I think there’s a way to get around that, @April ?

Can you try again? I think @JDRoberts figured it out.

Working now, thanks to all!