How to confirm email address on Smartthings Community Platform

How can I raise a service/trouble ticket for the Smartthings Platform. I am having difficulty with one aspect of the platform functionality and need some technical assistance. It is related to access and validation of same.

Samsung support seems to know nothing about this platform and sends me around in circles.

Can anybody enlighten me ?

Can you provide more details? It is possible a community member can offer assistance.

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Hi, @Mitchell_Duncan
I saw a ticket from you requesting something about the main email address for your Community account, is that what you’re still trying to do?

Hi nayelyz,

Yes, under account Preferences > Email there is the option to ‘Add Alternate Email’.

My ultimate aim is to swap out my GoogleMail account, in order to have my private email as the login and contact address as a Member of Smartthings, and for STHM notifcations.

Unfortunately, the Smartthings platform has been unsuccessful in sending me a confirmation email to that address. That is the problem in a nutshell !

Can you assist me with this ?

Hi nayelyz,

I have just added a 2nd different email address and this was successfully verified, as I did receive the confirmation email to that address.

Are you, or a colleague, able to investigate my initial problem ?


what do you mean by STHM notifications? That’s a Webhook app of the ST app and the email of this forum isn’t related to it or am I confusing things?

It depends on the answer above, but if it is solved, it might have been a temporary glitch, it’s the first time we get a report like this.

I see that language is important and that I will refer directly to the software or GUI involved, to avoid ambiguity.

My request about adding an ‘Alternate Email’ refers to THIS web application upon which I am communicating with you. After logging in here I go to the member Preferences option in the dropdown menu (as per the image below).


This takes me to the following screen (extract follows):

You can see that there is an ‘unconfirmed’ entry, followed by ‘resend confirmation email’. This is the email address for which I do not receive the confirmation - and so it cannot be used. This email address is valid and currently receives many emails per day. It is also the email address I used to establish my Samsung Account. This email address is critical to the communications from the SmartThings Android application, and intrusion system I have constructed thereon, using the Automations which form a part of this system. (I may have wrongly used the acronym STHM in describing this, however I plead ignorance in this matter).

So, in constructing an Automation within the Android SmartThings application, I felt it prudent to communicate the state when a particular condition is met, e.g., when a motion or open/close sensor is tripped. The editing function of the Automation facility allows one to ‘Notify someone’ that the condition has been met. Further, it allows one to ‘Send notification to members’ and to ‘Send to specific members’. This is what I previously meant by ‘STHM notifications’ - I apolgise for the error.

I am unable to successfully send a ‘notification’ to myself because my email address as a ‘member’ cannot be ‘confirmed’. (see figure above). This is the problem, and Samsung could/would not help me.

Are you able to assist with this matter ?

Perhaps I can have a go at clarifying the issues as an end user observer.

Your most recently described problem seems to be that you cannot add an alternate e-mail address to your SmartThings Community Account. That’s a bit irritating if it is the e-mail address of the Samsung account you are using with SmartThings as SmartThings representatives who may engage with you on this forum will typically check your forum e-mail addresses to identify your account details to save having to ask you. So it can save a message exchange. However that is the beginning and end of it. The Community Forum is a just an installation of the Discourse forum software and is not linked in with other SmartThings services.

When it comes to ‘Send notification to members’ and to ‘Send to specific members’, a ‘member’ refers to a member of your SmartThings Location. You can see who the members are via the mobile app by clicking on the house icon at the top left of many screens, choosing ‘Manage locations’ and selecting the Location of interest. So the e-mail address of a member will be the e-mail address of the Samsung account they use with SmartThings.

That is a completely separate issue to the e-mail settings in the forum but it may be a symptom of a similar problem, which is difficulty sending e-mail to your Samsung account e-mail address from SmartThings servers.

My feeling is that what you describe is not a unique problem and that others have had the same problem over the years, but not many, and I am not sure that there was a resolution. @nayelyz may have some memory.

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Dear orangebucket (Graham),

Thank you for taking the time to prepare a response and for clarifying the issues. I apologise for my fuzzy thinking in this matter.

So, I can confirm that neither the SmartThings Community Account or the Samsung Account have ever successfully sent an email to my address. NO NEVER !

What to do! Could any of the developer team hazard to suggest a solution ?

Having just tried it a couple of times, it would appear that the community e-mail confirmation is actually sent by Discourse, so that might suggest there isn’t the common ground I hoped for.

Hi @Mitchell_Duncan

About the problem with the Samsung account, Can you share with us the steps to generate the problem? , for the Community account, you have 2 email resisted already on the community, Can you confirm the email that you want to use in a private message?

Hi Alejandro,

I have sent you the details via a PM.



The ‘steps’ I used to generate the problem are as follows:

  1. For the Community forum platform, I simply requested a confirmation of my email address. No confirmation request has ever been received. That is one problem.

  2. For the problem with the Automations, within the Android SmartThings application; I simply wanted to send a ‘notification’ to a specific ‘member’ that an action had occurred. This was to be to myself, to start with, using the same email address that I used to establish my Samsung account. The notification function (using ‘Send notification to members’ ) has never sent such a notification to my email address.

I hope this explains things properly.

Sorry, I didn’t pick up on this before. ‘Send notification to members’ doesn’t send out emails, it sends out push notifications.

Aahhh…thank you orangebucket. That changes things somewhat !
It also solves one (non-existent) problem !!

That just leaves the other ‘problem’.