How to run a URL from ST or WebCore?

Hi All,

I have a couple of URL’s that I would like to be able to run from within ST or WebCore. When I run either of these URL’s from a browser they cause the desired actions on my home AV reciever. I just need to be able to run them from a Piston or ST routine. Any ideas?


Does “Make a web request” in webcore work ?

Yes it sounds like it probably would. I spent half an hour or so poking around in the piston but can’t find this anywhere could you advise where I can find this please?

It’s under Location in WebCore.

Excellent it works! thanks!!!

how did you find the string for your AVR? I see the IP easily enough but not the rest of the string to execute an action.

There was another post on the Denon AVRX 4100w and someone else had posted the command. There were bunch of other ones but im not sure how they got them. Luckily all I want to do is turn on/off zone 3.

The AV reciever has a web interface. If you browse to it then there are buttons inside it. If I was to go looking for a URL I would right click the button and click copy shortcut then paste that into a browser and fire it off. If that didn’t work id then inspect the element in the web browser to see what actions it was calling. Im no expert at this though i’d probably get stuck quite quickly if it didn’t just work (like things never do!).

Good luck!

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If you don’t know the url for the web interfact of your AV reciever, check the manual it will tell you.

That is what I have been trying to do too. I want to turn on and control my zone 2 (it can be done on the actual Denon AVR, Harmony device (but not activity) and the special volume keys on the remote) when one of my pistons run. I tried Kukuharmony and it does not really work (it cannot adjust volume of zone 2)

I run Sonos in all rooms and play music from pandora and my library on Google play music.
Inside a piston how do i specify the url for the specific track to play on my sonos?