WebCore conversion to ST Automations - HTTP Call Help needed

Hello - I’ve been a ST/WebCore user for quite some time and was caught off guard by the recent changes that broke WebCore access. I’ve been able to convert all my WebCore automations to standard automations in the ST app, except one. I have Blue Iris camera software that I was using WebCore to call a HTTP URL to sync the profile in Blue Iris to the ST location mode. I’ve researched the ST Rules API and it just seems like you have to be an IT Dev to setup something like this. What am I missing? Is there a simple way to automate…when location mode changes to A, then call this HTTP URL?

I did get it working using SharpTools, but apparently only the pay version allows for HTTP calls (it was working during the 2 week free trial).

Thanks for any help!

@TAustin has developed an Edge driver that allows you to send HTTP get/post requests. It uses the Rules API to define the requests. Natively, it can only send requests on the local LAN, however, by running his bridge/proxy on a local computer, it can send requests outside the local LAN.


Thank you!! Already setup and working. Appreciate the tip!