How to execute code or a URL on a PC from webcore?

Hi All,

I have just purchased myself a Windows 10 mini PC. Its only use will be to stream youtube music to my home AV receiver.

I have figured out a way to open my youtube playlist by running a URL on a PC. So my next step is to find a way to make webcore open a URL on the PC. Open to suggestions here. Is there an easy way to do it?

Im thinking the easiest way will be to make the PC into a webserver that just listens for any URL call to it and then executes that call locally. Not sure how to do that yet so researching it now. Maybe there is a better way?


Take a look at EventGhost.

Create a virtual device in ST that EventGhost “subscribes” to and do the actions based on that. I do it for a few different things and works well.