WebCoRe assistance needed

I need help getting this Piston to keep my Samsung Radius R1at a specific volume selected. I created this Piston, but it doesn’t work. Or is the bottom one more beneficial as it does up and down.

Webcore has its own forum now. You’ll get the fastest response if you post there, since that’s where most of the webcore experts hang out these days. :sunglasses:

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Did that, waiting for response.

Bear in mind webCoRE is currently not functioning correctly due to daylight saving time.

Yes realize that, just wanted someone to look at my Pistons to see if they are written correctly.

Never had much luck with the R1 speaker volume setting, but here’s what was recommended to me once:

I am new to this, do you have an example piston?

Not sure if this is exactly the same (switched to Sonos after issues with the Samsungs), but hopefully, it will give you a place to start. From there, I’d follow @JDRoberts advice and check out the webCoRE forum. They’ll be a lot more help than me.

Thanks, it is a start, but I will see what WebCoRe forum has to say.

I “think” I see your problem, but your picture has me a little confused, “is less than” are conditions, not triggers? But the lightning bolt icon says differently??? Unless I’m not understanding how Music Players work (which I don’t have any so I could be way off here), but that piston will not execute because there is nothing to trigger it, it only has conditions so it is relying on WebCore to decide, and it could be deciding incorrectly… Change “level is less than 50%” "level changes to " Expression [Music Player : level ] < 50. The piston will then subscribe to the level and fire when it changes to a value less than what you established.

I am lost, could you please modify my piston? I would appreciate it.

The following test piston works with my Sonos speakers.
If it is on and I hit test it adjusts the level to 4%.
Is this what you are after?

Thanks OK but what will trigger this?

Try this. Appears to work with my Sonos speakers.

Thank you will try that.

Thanks again. The dashboard says it is working, but the SmartThings app shows 36% on each speaker. So not sure what the problem is. I think it is a DTH problem.

Any idea why this Piston is delayed this long?