How to Disarm SHM via Keypad?

Hi there! Long time Smartthings user here who uses Smart Home Monitor (SHM) as my alarm system. It works wonderfully, with the major drawback that it is a pain to arm/disarm. Location based services don’t work reliably for me, and fumbling with the phone/app to arm and disarm is a pain. I purchased a Schlage lock with homes that I could tie my SHM alarm state to locking /unlocking the door. Unfortunately, using the new Smartthings app (which I have to due to some other smart devices not supported on the Classic App), I can’t find any way to do this. Using custom automatons I can turn lights on and off etc, when I change the lock state, but it doesn’t seem to let me affect SHM in any way. Any tips/recommendations?

You can’t in the new app. You can only disarm within the app or based on a time of day.

As @oldcomputerwiz said, it can’t be done in the new V3 app. They have changed their design philosophy for security features. See the FAQ:

FAQ: Why can’t I use Geopresence or an Automation to set the alarm state in the new (V3) app? (also applies to unlocking smart locks)

ST could help mitigate some of this problem by adding the ability to change SHM state by using a keypad. It wouldn’t help you, @JDRoberts, but I think it might be a viable alternative for many of us though. I don’t see how that would be any less secure than time based or app based disarming. Just my 2 cents.


I agree, and my belief is that they will do this with their own branded keypad which they showed at a tradeshow earlier this year. But I think they are not going to do it with anything which requires a custom DTH, which right now is all the other keypads. But I’m just guessing. :sunglasses:

I hope that they are working on custom DTH, as well as custom smartapps, as they were options they presented in the survey from earlier this year but only time will tell. Maybe we will see something come from the conference in October. Even if the only keypad that worked was ST’s own keypad that would still be a step in the right direction.


This will only work if you’re using the Classic SHM app, the new SHM app cannot be controlled via external apps as yet. If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out the LUM app which allows you to create custom actions when you use your lock keypad (e.g. lock or unlock, manually or with a code etc).

If you’re looking to use a keypad (a standalone ZigBee keypad for example, which are pretty cheap), then you can use LUM above to do the same and synchronize arming/disarming SHM with the keypad and the lock at the same time - so you have a choice of how to arm/disarm and even check the SHM status (the keypad lights will show the current SHM status).

Again all this only currently works with the Classic app SHM. I know you said you wanted to use the new app SHM, is there a specific reason for using that when the Classic app has so many more options available?


Thanks Rboy! I was hoping to use the new app to avoid having to have two apps. It confuses the family on which to use, as only the new app supports our Samsung dishwasher, tv, and fridge smart features. That said, looks the classic app it will have to be. Excited to buy and use LUM as it looks like it supports a whole host of features. We only plan on using the connected lock at the front door and hope to use a zwave keypad at the backdoor and garage entrances (inside with a delay hopefully!). Can you recommend a good zwave keypad that’s compatible and will let us show the SHM status via LEDs? I worried I’d have to jury rig a coloured light bulb to let us know the SHM status :wink:


Z-Wave keypads are in short supply these days, the Popp Z-Wave keypad is one that is popular in the EU. I don’t think it’s available in the US as yet, you can find some 4 button key fobs like the nanomote or the nanomote quad or the hank but they are more like buttons and not a full keypad. I think there’s also a 4 button keypads.
ZigBee on the other hand has a lot of options available, you can check out the first post on this topic for a list.

You can also create your own security setup which can be used with the new ST app by using this app and it supports Keypads and Entry/Exit delays:

Zigbee it is! I can’t tell from that article (I may be missing it) which if they keypads have LEDs that support showing the SHM status.

Yes all of them do, in the posts in there you’ll find some comparisons of the keypads, for example this is one post:

The new IRIS v3 however has a quirk, if you don’t need the Siren I would avoid it since it needs to be armed before it can disarmed and vice versa, where as other keypads you can arm/disarm multiple times (there are advantages to this since you can create custom actions for each arming button through LUM).


There are some Z wave choices for the US also, but the zigbee ones are more popular. See the FAQ. :sunglasses:

FAQ: Can I add a keypad to control my garage door?

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