How to disarm and dismiss in smartthings home monitor (STHM)?

I have read on this extensively but I am new to SmartThings so if this post is duplicative my apologies in advance.

Objective – have the unlocking of a smart lock constitute a trigger to disarm and dismiss STHM.

Problem – it is easy to have an unlocking of a smart lock trigger STHM to disarm. However, it seems as if the sequence is (i) STHM checks for an alarm trigger and then (ii) STHM executes the disarming process – possibly by design.

Outcome – one can easily program a smart door unlocking to trigger STHM to go into a disarmed state. However, an alarm event is already triggered by this point and the siren will go off unless you manually dismiss the alarm event in ST.

What am I missing? Is there no way to do this? Thanks!

I don’t think you are missing anything. You have to dismiss the alarm manually via the app/STHM within the response delay period.

You’ll also find there isn’t an arming delay either.

Someone on the ST end probably knows why but it is a mystery to everyone else.

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As @orangebucket mentioned, once the alarm notification goes out, you can only dismiss it manually in the app. This is fairly common in the security industry, and it’s considered a guard against hacking. :man_shrugging:t2:

There may be a way around all of this depending on the details of the use case: what specific trigger is causing STHM to alert in the first place?

The entering of a code into a smart lock which then causes the device to unlock and the lock status change to unlock as well. I have a routine that says when state = unlocked then disarm but an alert still shows in STHM needing dismissal or the siren sounds.

I’ve actually been able to get a long ways towards my goal by creating a virtual switch and routines. When the virtual switch is toggled on, the lock/close/motion state of all relevant sensors is my ‘if’ and then I turn on a virtual light if those devices are reporting locked/closed/motionless.

Then if the virtual light is on, I test for any of those states changing to unlocked/open/motion and if so sound the siren.

With this approach I can have entry of a code in the front door turn off the virtual light and defeat the sequence. I need to test all this more but early results seem promising.

Loosely speaking I am replicating STHM’s function with virtual devices and routines. But this is hardly efficient …


Agreed, but, Yep, that’s the way people have been doing it for years unless they were using a third-party smartapp, and I don’t think there are any available for the new 2023 platform with delay functions yet. :thinking: