Smartthings Button no longer arms new app SHM

I chatted with Samsung support before getting their new button and they said it would be possible to setup an animation to change the state of Home Monitor from Armed (Stay) to Disarmed. We wanted to locate the button at the top of the stairs so anyone going downstair in the middle of the night can easily disable the alarm. At the moment I have 2 animations based on time which arm and disarm the system in case we forget - so animations should be able to do it. However the button only offers the option to change your location or turn on lights etc.

Maybe this is an oversight - if anyone can think of a way to accomplish this it would be most appreciated.



Which version of SHM are you using. Is it the newer one with Smartthings app, or the one you can load from the smart things classic app. I suspect it is the one in the newer app which means your options are very limited and it is probably not possible.

I am using the new version which reminds me of the last release of the TomTom app - crippled.

I have the old one installed now - I’m not familiar with it yet but a quick glance at animations seems to be shortcuts from the app to do things. I will have to explore more.

Ok - If I arm the system on the new app and use the button to disarm - which I created a animation on the old app to do - then the mode does not change. However the button does seem to change the mode according to the old app when the button is pressed ?

Should I remove the new app and stick with the old one for now - should they co-exist ?

New app and classic app SHM are two separate systems and not tied together.

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The problem is the old and new apps function completely different. One won’t effect the other so your best bet would be to not use the new app and just use the old one.

Also if you are just starting down this path and security is important to you, you may want to look at the ADT Smartthings Panel. It will give you a full blown alarm system.

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You used to be able to arm and disarm SHM in the new app with the button. But it appears they took that away. On iOS, they totally took away the automation creator from the device screen of the button on iOS.



Thanks. I will use the old app for now then.

That is terrible! I know people who bought the new button specifically for the purpose of arming/disarming the new SHM. Taking away a feature with no notice and no explanation makes it impossible to rely on the system for any practical purposes, or to compare its features to competitors when making a purchase decision.


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I assume the new app is a work in progress and will eventually catch up with the functionality of the old one ?

Catch up is one thing. In this case, there was a feature in the new app (being able to assign the new SmartThings button to arm/disarm the new SHM) that was not available in the old app. But now they have dropped that feature from the new app, making it impossible to use the new button to arm the new SHM. Since that was the only device that could arm/disarm the new SHM, that’s a major change.

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I’ve only just got my Smartthings kit and software so I’ve not seen what it used to be like. Is this a ploy to get you to purchase another product maybe ?

Agreed. Brad is aware. The automation creator being gone appears to be iOS only. Taking away SHM actions appears to be all versions.

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I did create some limited automation based on time with the new app. It’s just that when I tried to disarm SHM with a button the same actions did not appear available as when it was time based.

Has anyone contacted Samsung about this - is there an official response ?


I have and everyone else should too.


Unlikely, the button is a brand new device, it was only released to the market about six weeks ago.

There seem to be a few changes.

For iOS, the ability to assign functions to the button from the device details page was removed. The temperature reporting incorrectly was fixed.

For both Android and iOS, the ability to control SHM via button function was removed.

SmartThings is aware and is pushing for answers. It doesn’t address the inability to control SHM but you can create custom automations for the button with iOS or Android.