How to Delete a Rule

I have have a plug in switch labeled Dining Room Light. I noticed I now have an Automatic routine labeled “Dining Room Light, Power Off”. It shuts off the light at 1130 pm every day. I don’t know where it came from. I didn’t create it. I can’t seem to delete it. I can only modify it or disable it. I looked at the devices in my.smartthings online and it says my routine is a Rule. It’s read only for now. How did I randomly get a Rule? I don’t know how to program Rules. How can I get rid of this Rule showing up as an Automatic Routine? Thanks.

Open the device and tap on Routines at the bottom of the screen… check if anything shows up there.


Automatic Routines are basically a private set of Rules managed by the client apps. For some reason the Advanced Web App uses the term Rules, which is generally associated with Rules created by the public Rules API, but only displays the Automatic Routines.

As well as being able to create and edit Automatic Routines from scratch in the mobile apps, there are a couple of other ways of creating them. One is via a set of templates on the ‘Discover’ page reached via the compass icon on the Routines tab of the mobile app, and the other is via the details page of individual devices.

In your case it would appear to be one of the latter. If you follow the advice of @jkp you should see where the Power Off routine is coming from. However you will find that once you have set this up the on/off slider simply enables and disables it.

To actually completely delete the routine you will have to go to the main Routines page of your app where you should see it listed with your other Automatic Routines. Clicking on the routine tile won’t help as it will take you back to the device details page. However a long press and hold on the tile will bring up an option to delete it.


OK, duh. I should have known to long press it to delete it. Thanks for the reminder! I’m not sure where this rule/routine came from, but it’s gone now. Thanks.