Delete Automatically Created Routine in a Device

I’ve been working on manually converting my “Smart lighting” automations to Routines because the Sunrise/Sunset feature stopped working in “Smart lighting.”

I normally use a Routine because of the flexibility it provides. But I just discovered that there is some extremely limited On and Off functionality at the Device. I tried it out on my Fountain Device, but found it does not have a Sunrise or Sunset based timer option, so I created two Routines for Fountain on and Fountain off.

Here’s the problem. I cannot find a way to delete the two Routines that were created at the Device. There is no Delete at the Fountain Device or at the Routine.

How do I delete these two unwanted Routines circled in red in the image and keep the two unhighlighted Fountain Routines named “Fountain 1: On and Fountain 2: Off?

Those look like the ones that are created by setting the power on/off in the Routines tab for the device. Go to that tab and disable power on/off. Then go to the Automations tab and long press on the specific Routine and the delete option should appear.

Super! Long-press did the trick.

That sure is a hidden feature — why didn’t they put a “Delete” button under “Edit” like everywhere else? Weird.

I had already disabled them, but they were persisting in Routines.

Thanks so much!

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They’ve actually removed Delete from the Edit section of devices as well. Long press is the thing for those as well. I think they are trying to emulate iOS behavior.

Very helpful to know. Thanks for the tip.