Half-baked routine is missing in the list, but still running daily

I created a routine half-way and then I decided to skip it (not save it). But now, this half-baked routine gets executed daily. When I tried to delete the routine, this was not getting listed anywhere in my smart things classic app. I logged into my smarthings ide to check the logs and I saw that routine is getting executed. How can I fix this issue?
FYI: this half-baked routine was modifying my home’s mode (which in turn triggers my security system) and so there were no devices directly linked to this routine.

In IDE, click on My Locations, choose smartapps in your Home Location. See if your routine shows there (near the top in the Hello Home section). You can uninstall it there, by clicking on Edit under the banner at the top of the page. be careful when removing items


I went into the smart apps section and I found that rogue routine. I clicked edit and uninstalled it. In order to test this we might have to wait until night time (that was the trigger for that half-baked routine) to see if this has worked :slight_smile:
Thank you @jkp

it worked! thank you …

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