How Do I Link Services?

I have a new phone (rooted OnePlus 8T on Android 11). When I go to Linked Services, there is nothing there, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to add services. I had SmartThings linked on my old phone to Life360, Google Assistant(?), and Alexa. How do I add these services back on my new phone? Thanks.

First, the services link at the account level not at the phone level, if they were there before, changing the phone doesn’t unlink them. It’s likely a display bug in the app.

Were they working before the phone change?

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Yes, all were working fine. I also pulled up my old phone and I have Honeywell TCC (Connect) enabled as well. I don’t think Life360 is working because it shows everyone home and two are gone. Sometimes I had to re-enable the Life360 link in the old app, which I can’t do in the new because there are no linked services. If I can’t see this on my phone, where can I fix it? In the IDE or what? Thanks.

Do your devices show in the app?

My first thought is to suggest signing out/signing back in.

If that does not resolve the missing linked services, uninstall the app and perform a fresh install, sign in and see if the linked services appear.

Note: signing out and back in will rearrange your dashboard if you have sorted it .

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Check if you have more than one location by chance :slight_smile:

OK, duh. I should have thought about signing out and logging back in. That fixed it all! Thanks.


You will need to install the life350 app on your phone, sign in and set it up. Then you can add it to your life360 integration in linked services.