Linked Services

I have recently returned to ST after a year long adventure with Hubitat and things in ST have changed.

How can a linked service be added?

The only service I see under “Add a service” is Smartthings Cooking. I am looking to add things like Nest, Life360, etc.

You would click on the plus (+j sign in the upper right of the screen and choose Add Device - best to choose the By Brand tab at the top of the screen.

The Life360 integration is no longer officially supported. You could try to install the old groovy code for it but that will only last for a few months at best as groovy is going to be shut down. Most likely by the end of this year.

There is an official Nest integration but it does not include all their devices and features. No Nest protects and some of their cameras and the newest doorbell.

The services section you found is for Samsung products.

Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

SmartThings terminology is rather inconsistent, though to be fair it is also evolving.

In the app we are seeing stock solutions that would be recognisable from Classic SmartThings and that would have just been called SmartApps previously, such as Home Monitor and Lock Guest Access, being bundled together with other stock solutions, such as Find and Cooking, under the Life tab and referred to as Services. Makes you wonder why it isn’t called the Services tab …

SmartThings wouldn’t be SmartThings if Services didn’t already mean something else. Connected Services or Linked Services (the app infuriatingly uses both terms) is still being applied to other integrations like Alexa, Google, Nest and ActionTiles and you’ll find other OAUTH based integrations there as well. The common link there is that they are usually either established from ‘the other end’ or as a consequence of doing something else like Add Device or adding a Voice Assistant (the latter is in the Menu tab).

Last time I read the latest documentation, SmartApps were also bundled under Connected Services, unlike in the app where they are Automations.


THANK YOU! you are making it clear that I will not be able to follow these developments.

Like the rest of us tbh