Migrating and my head in the sand

So I’ve been avoiding the new app and basically buried my head in the sand. But now, of course, I have an alert on my classic app that I need to switch to a samsung account for smartthings. And there’s also the inevitability of the switch itself - eventually they’ll shut down the classic app anyway.

Can you still log in to the IDE with your old account or must you use the samsung account for that too?

More importantly, what happens if I try the new app - does it “migrate” everything? And if it’s all hosed up, can I go back?

I tried looking around, but seems like more of the dialog about the new app was early on when it was a complete mess, so I figured I’d ask the question fresh

Once you migrate to the Samsung account, IDE will switch to the Samsung login. You can and should continue using the Classic app after the migration. You can login to the Samsung Connect app and should probably check it out.to see what it is all about. Basically you are migrating your login and afterwards you gain the ability to use the Samsung Connect app.


Welcome to the club. But as @jkp said, you’re just changing the authentication of your ST logins — everything (on the ST Classic app and the IDE) works as usual. From what I’ve experience during the login migration, all the devices and “automations” carried over to the new app — they don’t all work from there (yet) since I mainly use 3rd party DTHs and SmartApps … including your Zooz handlers (so, thanks for those!) …

Happy migration :slight_smile:

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I was experimenting with those…the original Zen22 shows up now, but no parameters. Haven’t messed with any of the others. Not even sure new app allows any settings on devices…

Yeah, I can’t open hardly anything on the new app except some of the window/door sensors and Hue lights — they’re using ST’s standard handlers.

I’m mainly ignoring the new app for now … when a new update arrives, I’ll open it up to see what changed, LOL …

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Scratching my head now. I got the new v3 and have not received any migration notice for the new app for my existing v2. Any idea what I should do besides burying my head in the sand?

Seeing how there is no migration tool, you might as well set up a new Samsung account, then set up the new hub to it and start moving your devices over. :wink:


Well, time for early fall cleaning… There goes my long weekend!

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I still have not done the migration lol. I said I wouldn’t do it on a Friday and it’s Thursday now… so maybe next week again :smiley:

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Wonder what’s the max you can wait til you get a “Do it now or we’ll delete your account and all the devices and apps associated with it … with love, the ST/Samsung team” message? LOL