Migration - for users that only ever had a Samsung login, never a SmartThings login

Allot of talk about migration as if it is all one thing, but there are two things…

  1. Migration of SmartThings to Samsung login credentials

  2. Migration from the old app to the new app

OK, for all the SmartThings login users that are getting notified to migrate to a Samsung login, I assume you could not login to the new app. And once your login was migrated, now you can login to the new app correct? And at this time, did all of your devices populate into the new app? So if this is so, to these users, I assume that migration of account/app logins and migration of devices from the old app the new app is one harmonious thing.

As a user that has only had a Samsung login, that would not be so. We are not a part of account migration, so what of old app to new app migration?
I could always login to the new app, though in the beginning there was nothing in there. It came pre-installed on my Galaxy phone. Even though I haven’t actively used the new app to manage or operate my system, I login and take a look once in a while. My automations from the old app eventually all showed up in the new app. My 4 zcombo smoke detectors showed up in the new app on their own. Three or four other devices that I in recent months added via the old app also concurrently showed up in the new app.

So with all the talk of “wait until you are notified” , is that just referring to those that needed to migrate to the new Samsung login? Will there be separate notification and a procedure for those of us that were always Samsung login users to bring over our devices? Has this started or happened to anyone that has only had a Samsung login?

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Any idea of what is in store for us that started with and have only had a Samsung login? We are not involved in account migration. When are all of our devices going to show up in the new app?

You can use both apps at the same time. You will want to read this

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I know that. I have the new app up also.
My question is when will all of my devices show in the new app.

The same devices should show up in both. Check if you have multiple locations in the new app.

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I have only had a Samsung login. I did not “migrate” from a Smartthings login.
Which is different, most of the folks that have been on the forum lately are the Smartthings to Samsung migration crowd.
The only devices that show in the new app, are devices that I have added since the new app has been up, even though I added them all with the old app.
The bulk of my devices that were already in my system before the new app do not show yet in the new app.
No it’s not an issue of another location.

How long have you waited?

Stories seem to imply it can take minutes, hours, or days…

Are you using custom DTH? Most are not compatible without modification.

Email support. They have some kind of re-sync job they can run to sync devices between the two apps. They had to do it for mine after I migrated.

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Open the devices in the Classic app, click on the cog in the upper right-hand side of the screen, then click Save. Force quit the Samsung Connect app and reopen it and see if your devices show.

I had a similar situation after my account migration. I did not see many of my devices and rooms in the Samsung Connect app. For me, I deleted my rooms, recreated the rooms and added the devices back to the rooms and presto, everything showed up in the Samsung Connect app.

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Any other ideas? The two above did not work.

Again, I am NOT someone who had to migrate. I started with a Samsung login, never had a Smartthings login.

So when will all of my devices show up in the new app? Only a small handful show now, ones that had recently been added. When will the reset appear?

Have you checked Locations to see if you might have more than one? Your best bet would be to contact ST support and have them check into your issue. https://support.smartthings.com

No extra locations. Support did not help.

Did everyone else just have all there devices show up with no problem?

I had to email support and they were able to run some sync job and it brought in my missing devices to the new app.

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Support came through for me tonight and now my devices are showing in the new app. Thanks all!