How do I know my voltage of my doorbell?

Just got a Ring Pro as a gift. says it needs 16-24VAC. I have no idea if my current doorbell supports this. How would I know without having to hire an electrician?

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Do you know where the door bell transformer is located? You could check the voltage there.

I found my voltage on a label on the inside of the chime case…

Pull the cover off the chime and see if it has it listed there.

Nope. Not a clue.

I saw that. It said 16v but Ring CSR said that doesn’t mean the doorbell is rated the same.

Buy a Voltimeter for 10 bucks on Amazon. It’s likely 16v though.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter

That being said, even with a good high VA transformer, I’ve had issues with my Ring Pro and the chime in my house. Essentially when the Ring triggers the chime, the voltage drop is too much for the Ring and the video craps out. After a new power kit from Ring and two different transformers I relented and got the Ring Chime.

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Also, the age of the transformer may make a difference. It may not be able to put out enough voltage to power the Ring. You can also test this and replace the transformer if it is not putting out 16 volts. And as with all things electrical, if you are not comfortable doing the work, hire an electrician.

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I don’t think transformers degrade with age.

If your house is somewhat new (built in the last 50 years), it has a 16V transformer. If you need a new one, they are only about $15.

Ex electrician here. Back in the day we were installing 9VAC doorbell transformers.

The house is 2 years old so I should be good.

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My 28 year old transformer definitely degraded over time. I had to replace mine to get my Ring Pro working because it wasn’t giving 16V.

As others said purchase a multimeter. Very cheap at Lowes and Home Depot. I also see free with purchase coupons at Habor Freight. Set it to AC and place probes on red and black wires on your doorbell chime.

What voltage was it giving when new?

For smart thermostats Common voltage is 24V. 16V is common for doorbells more than likely this is what you have. I believe most homes they put the doorbell transformers on or near the furnace. This isn’t always the case. I believe Ring is thinking regardless most people should have either 24V or 16V.

However if you need to be certain put a meter on it. Eliminate all doubt.

Not sure. We bought house 15 years ago. When I installed Ring it was producing 12.5 volts even though it was supposed to produce 16. A quick trip to Lowes solves this by purchasing a replacement transformer.

The ring turned on but the wifi didnt give me a ssid so the power isnt enough. Ring is sending me a chime and power adapter but honestly, they should just include this with the product.

It is 16V but not powerful enough to finish the install.

If your furnace supplies 24V AC Common and stays powered year round you can tie into it. Otherwise pick up a replacement transformer for your old doorbell setup.

Here is a link to Ring.

But I have a doorbell already. It just apparently doesn’t have enough power or something

This is something people have mentioned as well. If you have a transformer like this one:|THD|G|0|G-VF-PLA-D27E-Electrical|&gclid=CjwKCAiAvf3RBRBBEiwAH5XYqOy_97JsLT6Nmdzg6m0ffCByePvd_PuWhFre8WADRHT7PCmvhDVGHxoCGIcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CPGk5JaQpNgCFY3HwAodW8sHTA

Then one has different voltages depending on where you hook it up.

Or it could have been a crappy one that was never putting out a true 16V AC.

This is why putting a meter on your power wire at the doorbell switch and then testing it at the transformer will tell you what you need to know. You should be getting the same voltage at the transformer as you do where the doorbell switch was. If you do not there is something else happening/wrong.

I would test then if it is simply not enough voltage I would replace the transformer. If it is a multi output transformer I would move the wire to the appropriate voltage required.