Powering Ring Doorbell without doorbell kit?

Has anyone had experience hardwiring a RING doorbell? I’ve used all of the technical drawings provided on the Ring website, specifically for the situation in which a doorbell kit does not exist. I’ve purchased the resistor that Ring recommended (to replace the doorbell kit in the system), but Ring still does not recognize that its hardwired. 10-16v transformer is brand new and powered on (checked with voltage meter). Has anyone else struggled with this? Any solutions?

I guess I was lucky I put in the resistor in mine and it worked just fine. Also if anybody is looking to purchase the Ring doorbell Ring has given me my own special code that folks can use to get $25 off the regular Ring or the Ring pro. I’ve been told by Ring that I am more than welcome to share. Please private message me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


That is really great. And a good offer from Ring. How did you connect the resistor, just with regular low-voltage ring wire wrapped around terminals? Somehow the set-up from my angle looks a little ‘off’. I am sure someone who knew what they were doing would figure it out in seconds. Not sure yet how to post pics on the forum.

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I am by no means an electrical person!!! basically I took the old one out of the previous doorbell followed the directions from Ring, making sure I put the resistor in the correct direction and it worked. Just wrapped it around the terminals very carefully making sure it made a good connection.

Standard Ring or the Ring Pro?

The resistor looks exactly the same, so not sure its the right direction. I’ll turn it around in case that’s what it is. I’ve literally tried every other possibility. On the transformer, which wires to have going into which terminal?? That might be where I ‘lost it’. Thanks for the help. Really grateful.


I think you best bet and most expedient option, would be to give Ring a call. They are very good at helping out (wonderful customer service).You will want to confirm with them whether you have the digital or mechanical doorbell and which product you’re using.
They also have some great tutorial videos online that will show you what it’s supposed to look like. Hope that helps and good luck :slight_smile:

Is this resistor needed for the Pro version?? I hardwired my Ring (standard) over a year ago without any resistor. In fact, Ring Web site explaining the hook up stated

The Ring Doorbell can be connected to your existing door chime–mechanical or electronic–so long as it’s between 8-24VAC. Simply remove your door chime and connect the existing wires to the designated terminals on the Ring Doorbell mounting bracket.

Not sure if the pro version is different because it uses the power kit…
However this is what is on the website- If you would like to wire your Ring Doorbell to a compatible low voltage AC transformer without a doorbell kit, you must use a resistor. See this article for information on connecting to a transformer without a doorbell kit: https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/205180710-How-to-connect-Ring-Doorbell-direct-to-low-voltage-transformer-without-a-door-chime

Ah… got it… Wasn’t sure what a doorbell kit was.Guess I am good Already had doorbell/chimes hooked up before I got the Ring. Simply removed the doorbell push button and replaced it with the Ring backplate. Oddly enough though…

This setup worked fine initially and the existing chimes worked along side the Ring. Several months ago these chimes stopped working but the Ring worked fine. Yesterday I had to reset my Ring and decided to put a volt meter on the backplate screws. Inadvertently, I jumped the backplate terminals and the original chimes rang out. :astonished: After I replaced the Ring these same chimes once again stopped working.

The Ring requires a minimum voltage to work. Older doorbell transformers lose voltage over time and may not be providing the minimum.

My 24v transformer is putting out 26.9v without a load. No idea what the voltage is with a load.

I am having the same issue - everything worked fine for many months and now my home mechanical doorbell doesn’t work. Ring said to replace the transformer, so I did (16v setting). Still not working. Now they are recommending a resistor. Did you get yours to work?

Nope… Havent looked at it any further. In my case, the old doorbell would be a bit annoying as I also have 2 Ring Chimes installed.

Hi, can you share the Ring code? Thanks!

Absolutely :blush: you will need to order online and put in code, 9citrusheights (one word)

If you have any issues using the code I will be glad to help you out.



I am having the same issues.
Had a mechanical doorbell on my Ring and it worked fine/charged the unit fine.
Then I bought the chime and disconnected the chime and it wouldn’t charge.
Bought a 50w/25o resistor and it’s connected on one of the two lines running to the Ring.
The 24v transformer measures 24v at the two terminals prior to the resistor, 24v through the resistor (is that right?)
Measuring 12v at the screws into the Ring backplate.
But the unit isn’t showing up as hardwired or charging and gives me low battery ratings now.
Can’t figure it out.

I have both the Ring Pro and the Ring. Both powered without doorbell chime kit.
Ring Pro is using a 16.5VAC- 24VA transformer with a 1A resistor and works great.
I see your problem is with the Ring. For that I bought a replacement doorbell transformer from HD and a resistor from Amazon.
I think your transformer is the problem. It has to be 16VAC or less.The one I used is rated 8-16VAC.
Calling Ring support will also help. They are very helpful. One of the best Customer service I encounter.

All replies to this issue appear to be US Centric. I am in the UK and just purchased theRing Set Up, with the WiFi Ring Chime Separately. It is brand new installation, no old Bell… All works well with the integrated power, BUT having fitted power through from Transformer 240v to 4/8/12v Transformer (selected 12v) it does NOT recognise Mains supply. Ring site correspondent says Resistor is required, but I cannot find any supplier (TLC., Maplin.,Screwfix) who provide one that gives same 25-30ohm and 20-50w Wirewound spec. Even then it does’t give any details about how you should wire it. Any one in UK Mains wired a new Ring facility from Scratch?

Hi Johnmd50,

I had a similar situation, Ring Video Doorbell and no pre-existing setup. I bought the transformer from B&Q, Byron Transformer 8V, Product code: 5013529777006 and wired it up, without issue and without Resistor.

At first the system was charged to around 55% and the software recognised that it was hardwired and charging, however in the first few days ‘hard use’ of the ring the charge was declining.

I then read about the resistor, searched Maplin etc and they said that they didn’t do any at the resistance needed, and it was a VERY LARGE resistance BTW.
I then found RS Components did a similar one just for a few pounds so went ahead and bought it.
part number: 8506424, Manufacture part: HL05006E25R00JE, Wirewound 25ohms, power 50W, tolerance 5%

Then it turned up and it is massive so not quite sure it is the right thing after all. (about 100mm long and 10mm diameter) Anyway, I went to install it yesterday and checked the system health and its 95%, so seems to be charging correctly without this resistor, so I think I’ll hold off installing as I’m not sure it is needed at the moment.

Hope this helps someone