Installing the Ring Pro Power Kit

Need help trying to figure out the installation of the Ring Pro Power Kit.

I get the installation video:

But my mechanical doorbell has two cables coming into it. Their video only shows two wires going onto the existing doorbell screws. With my setup I have the whites from both cables tied together. And the reds are going into the wire clips in the video and across the Trans & Front of the mech doorbell.

I’m pretty sure my system used to work when it was setup a few months ago. But now my Ring Doorbell Pro does not ring my existing mechanical doorbell and the video stops recording right after you press the Ring Doorbell Pro button. I chatted with tech support and I’ll be getting a new Ring Pro Power Kit, fuse to put inline in case I want to power the Ring Doorbell Pro directly, and a free Ring Chime. But I’m still not clear if I had my original wiring correctly.

Tech support wasn’t any help on wiring. So I wanted to know if anyone knows exactly how the Ring Pro Power Kit works. What is it supposed to do? How does the Ring Doorbell Pro supposed to supply 16vac to your existing mech doorbell for one second if it’s being powered by the same 16avc too? Does the Ring Pro Power Kit supply voltage to the Ring DoorBell Pro and the mech doorbell?

I have a feeling if I can’t get this wired right or if it’s still not stable that I’ll just end up wiring the Ring Doorbell Pro directly with a 16vac 40va transformer and using the Ring Chime while disabling my existing mech doorbell.

Despite being in the UK, where this power kit isn’t available, I was able to get one from Ring and get it installed and working with my mechanical chime without too much bother.

Mine is outside of the box where wires run to the front door, transformer and chime. Essentially, you need to get your wiring set to give the chime a constant supply, and then get the power kit in the way of it. The power kit will cut the supply to the chime, and then re-establish it for a moment when the bell is pushed.

If that helps you, then great. If not, let me know and I’ll try and get some pictures.