How can I remove a former household member?

I don’t know if any of you are still active on this platform. But i am trying to figure out how to remove my ex as the owner of my smart home. I don’t have any privacy when i am at home and want to be able to feel safe and comfortable in my own home again. How do i gain control over all the devices? I appreciate any input.

Without knowing your specific circumstance, I can only give general guidance. My ‘assumption’ is that you have SmartThings and you are using some sort of joint account? Right off the bat, in that circumstance, I would simply re-associate the account with a new e-mail address. Even changing the password (on Smarthing) with the current account would allow you to have private control over your house.

I am probably missing some detail, but I am sure others will give some ideas that I didn’t mention.

Hope that helps.

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He only has me set up as a manager and he is set up as the owner. So he has control over all devices but has only assigned certain devices under my account. So i don’t even truly know what devices i have in my home. I think he may have cameras all over my house that i am not aware of and i just want to make sure he doesn’t have access to any of it anymore. He no longer has any personal items in my home. So he shouldn’t even need to get into my house. It makes me uneasy that he can u lock any door, open my garage and go through anything in my house even when i am not home. I just want to be able to kick him off so that i don’t have to worry about things going missing or him going through my personal stuff anymore. I am in the process of refinancing the home and he has already agreed to give me the home. We have also already split our assets and furnishings… So he really doesn’t have a reason to have access to anything. But he is a narcissist and it gives him power over me. I just want to have peace. If that makes sense?

If your hub is now your property contact Smartthings support and get them to change owner to your Samsung account. Once you’re the owner you can delete other accounts. Make sure to change your Samsung account password and enable 2 step verification. Support is in Smartthings app, menu, contact us.

  1. Unplug the hub until you have more details about which devices you have in your home. This will take all zigbee and z-wave devices off the net.

  2. Considering the nature of the smart home industry, I doubt that he had only installed things through the Smartthings hub. Most probably there are also Wifi-connected devices that you want to block. The easiest way to do that is to re-configure the Wifi router in your home, simply giving it a new password and/or a new Wifi name (SSID). After rebooting the router none of the smart home Wifi devices will have access to the internet, and thus no one can access the devices from outside. Of course you will need to reconfigure the devices to learn the new password before you can use them.

  3. Make sure you find all devices in your house, and factory-reset the hub (see Factory reset or reboot your SmartThings Hub for details). Then, re-bind all devices you found to a new Smartthings account. Everything you don’t find won’t have access to the network, so your ex won’t be able to access it. You will also not be able to use them, though, until you find and re-bind them.


Do you know if you have a SmartThings hub or are you simply using the SmartThings cloud via the ST app to manage your home? You only mentioned having a smart home and that he has only assigned certain devices under your account. ST has never offered the ability to limit access to devices to shared members unless you are using another third party app such as SharpTools or ActionTiles. Do you know what app you are using to manage your devices?


Anyone here know how to remove my ex from the owner of my smart home? He has moved out and i want to feel comfortable and safe in my own home. But he has complete control over everything in the home at this time.any help will be truly appreciated.

See above…

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Or a complete reset but all automations and device connections will be lost and you would need to contact Smarthings support for assistance

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Why would there be any need to contact Smartthings support? Factory-reset the hub (and change the password of the router for Wifi-connected devices, but that’s a different story), create a new Samsung account and set up the hub from zero. Then pair the devices one after the other.

Because you may not be able to “set up the hub from zero” if you are not the original owner and do not have the original setup code.

In this case, the OP was not the owner of the account, they were an invited guest. They have now by agreement (not sure it was in writing, though) acquired the equipment, but proving that to Samsung might be another story.

Personally, if it was me, I would replace the hub with a new one and then add all the devices individually back to that. That just closes a lot of security loopholes.

I know that’s a lot of work, of course.


Isn’t “factory-reset” just this: factory-reset? After that the hub MUST NOT be bound to any account. If it was, you could never sell your used hub. I am sure it would also be illegal under most jurisdictions to disallow selling your used hardware, which in essence this would be.
I also do not recall having used an “original setup code” for my hub. Where would that code be after all? If I had to factory-reset my hub, I for sure would not be able to find an original setup code, if one existed in the first place. Also the guide to factory-resetting does not mention that you need a setup code. I, and for sure most other people, would really be pissed if I followed the official guide and then, to set up the hub again, I would need to put in a code I don’t have…

It’s an artifact of SmartThings’ cloud architecture (and considered a security feature by Samsung).

Part of setting up the hub is registering it with an account in the smartthings cloud, which is associated with the original email used to set up that account.

Once you do that, a reset of the hub may roll the physical device back to its original shipping condition, but its serial number is still associated in the cloud with that original email.

You’ll see lots of threads in the forum from people asking how to setup a hub that they bought used, and the answer is always contact support.

So it’s just how this platform is designed. :man_shrugging:t2:

(As far as the “welcome code“ that was a card in the box for the V1 and V2 hubs, and you used it during the setup process. The OP didn’t say which model hub it is, which is why I mentioned it. And, yes, it was a pain if you lost it. :scream:

Here’s an old thread as an example.

Lost my welcome code )


I learned something today… Thanks! I personally have a v3 hub and have not seen or heard anything of a welcome or activation code when I set mine up. Maybe they have changed it.

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