Remove Self from another user's account - HELP!

Here is the situation:

I have two ST hubs of my own, they are set up and working fine.

About two years ago I helped someone set up a a ST hub for them. At the time, they provided me access to it and I accepted the invite. Now, I would like to remove my self so I no longer see the other person’s hub, devices, etc. I have asked for them to remove me numerous times, but they either can’t or won’t do it.

I called support and after waiting 40 minutes on hold finally got someone who told me that the only way to be removed is to have the administrator of the other account remove me since I was not an administrator. This seems ridiculous that I can’t remove my own account from seeing things I no longer want to see.

Any suggestions? I did email support as well.

Yes - If the email request doesn’t work - Give up.

There’s definitely (ok… 99% likely) no way this can be done without SmartThings staff assistance.

If they won’t assist you, then whatever issues you’re experiencing by still being attached to the other user’s Account are most certain to be far less frustrating than the hours of battles you could face with ST Support.

If you want to game the system, try Twitter, Play Store Reviews, Amazon Reviews, Facebook Page, etc. - You might enjoy the challenge of seeing if you can successfully get the proper assistance.

Is there anyway to completely delete my Samsung / ST account and start over from scratch? I am going to completely re-do one of my existing hubs anyway, which is why this all started.

I had similar issue and I had to have ST support remove me. Had to provide a bunch of the other hubs info for them to do it…

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