Selling a smart home? how can i transfer account?

Hey guys,
I helped my friend convert his entire home into a smart home.
we have about 25 smart light switches and a few motion , leak sensors and door sensors.
My friend is now selling the home and i was wondering if anyone can give me advice on how
we can transfer the smartthings account to the new buyers, if possible.
can we just swap out the email address associated with the hub and call it a day?
whats a good way to handle this.
Thank You all in advance.

Read everything @JDRoberts posted in the following thread :slight_smile:


Any luck here Vick? I’ve read through project_homesales, but most of the info is dated and half of it is focused on legal concerns around selling a smarthome rather than technical.

Hey Dan,
sorry for late reply. I decided to just reset all the switches to factory default, reset the hub and then have it be handed over to the new owner. It makes sense to give the new owner a fully reset home and give them the peace of mind that their privacy is in tact.

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