***Critical*** Add/Remove & Reset to Factory Default

So I’ve been fighting with my Hub for the past 6 months or so. Mostly all the same issues that I discovered loads of other people are having. Honestly I love the “idea” just like the rest of you, something that can control a bunch of low cost consumer grade automation products. If you want a solid piece of automated equipment I guess you’ll have to do more research into the field to see what’s out there and trust me, there’s a lot of really cool stuff! I gave my SmartThings Hub a chance. I really did. Even after multiple reconfigurations of the system and more wife agro than “many whelps handle it now” agro I’m finally posting about it. My main reason for posting tonight is actually something of a different nature and it needs to be resolved pretty much immediately. The user account removal thing… Right, I get that they had to disable the features for some strange reason which inhibits users from adding and removing user accounts. A month ago it was annoying but whatever. a few months ago when nothing was working, also annoying. The fact that I just purchased a Hub v2 to see if this would solve the issues with the first hub, again also annoying. But now to get to my point, I have a user on my hub who I can’t remove, right we know this? The problem is, even though I have to reset my security sensors every day to get them to work for 6-8 hours at a clip, also annoying, I am totally screwed if I can’t get this user off my account. They have access to my home and can view my homes activities. I absolutely have to get this person off the Hub. I’ve tried removing the location numerous times to see if maybe I could reset the thing back to factory default and that also didn’t work. So, from a guy who won’t be able to sleep and is stressed to the gills until he can remove this user from the account… PLEASE HELP ME. I’m available for a PM and open to other ideas. I need this entire Hub blown away to factory default and I need all associated users 110% disassociated with the device. When I start the setup of the device again I need to make sure that the other user(s) don’t just automagically show up as an account user.

@slagle @ben @april Can someone check on this ticket?

I feel your pain. :scream:

You’ve put in a support ticket, right? At support@smartthings.com

In the meantime, if there’s a safety issue, you may need to just unplug the hub for now. Loss of convenience is better than loss of personal security.


I agree with @JDRoberts here. If you cannot remove the user from your account and have tried to remove the location from the IDE, then just disconnect the hub, until you have this sorted out with support.

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The nuclear option is to remove your hub from your existing account and re-create your setup under a completely different email address. @iZ0nK

I think you need support’s help for that, though don’t you? To reset the welcome code? Or am I wrong on that?

I didn’t. Removing the hub resets the code to usable again. It’s not the best solution but even support has not been able to completely delete my old account. I went through the migration several times and I had some form of corruption in my account that was preventing me from seeing the marketplace. I decided to just delete my hub and start a new account. I used the same code that I had used before and had no problems.


I know I’m going to hell for this… Everyone’s trying to add new users and this guy wants to remove them :smile:

Okay okay, I’m sorry, I hope this gets resolved ASAP but in the mean time, as everyone said absolutely unplugged the hub. Out of curiosity (I may have missed it) but how did this user get ON your hub in the first place if he’s someone that you don’t want being on it?

I understand curiosity, but very seriously from a security standpoint, it really really really must not matter, and SmartThings has a serious security flaw if they cannot disable tokens (i.e., logins or other authentications) granted to sub-users of an Account.

Currently once you login to a SmartThings Account on a mobile Device, that Device has perpetual access, even if you change the password on the Account. This is unacceptable, a serious security vulnerability, and has been mentioned to SmartThings several times.


Hi @iZ0nK

I couldn’t find a support ticket for you. Can you please submit one at your earliest convenience so we can look at this for you.

This unfortunate situation occurs every day from many different kinds of reasons:

Former tenant

Former roommate

Former romantic relationship

Family member disputes

Former service worker like a nanny or a health aide

You gave somebody a key. Now you don’t want them in your house.

I agree that any system that allows adding users needs to have a way of removing them again. particularly a system which advertises itself as managing locks and security.


Is there a way to remove users yet? Family dispute and i dont like the idea of my ex been able to still control or view my home :confused:

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I’m certain (well, … actually, I really hope) that Support can do this upon request, for now… as they could arrange it as a forced password reset and authorization token invalidation, or something.

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I hope so - eeek

If i reset password for app on my phone would it change it for her also or?

@AutomateEverything sending you a DM

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The login password for your email on your Account would change, but I don’t think it changes for any other email’s you have permitted to login.

Meanwhile, if your email-Account is logged in on various devices, it will remain logged in, even if the password has changed.